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 Ugh! This month I’m having one of those “milestone” birthdays, and I just got back from a conference on senior housing and aging in place--an important topic, but one that a lot of people don’t like to address or think about.


Long-Term Housing



As a Lifestylist®, I spend a lot of time researching trends and what consumers are looking for. I’ve noticed that many of us have started thinking about our next home being one that we want to stay in for a long time.


Manufactured or modular housing is a great choice for you or your loved ones if you are thinking about buying a home that you would like to stay in as long as possible. It’s not only about health concerns, it’s about having a great quality of life and living in a home that is easy for you to maintain and afford.


My parents did things the right way. When my dad was ready to retire, they bought a cute, small home on a lake. After 30 years, they are still happy as can be.


Clayton offers quite a few floor plans that would be perfect for a vacation home that you might want to retire in later – as if anyone truly retires anymore! Here are tips for what to keep in mind when looking for the perfect home for your next stage of life.




When looking for the perfect location for your new home to sit on, try to find a lot where you can “ground set” your home or have as few steps as possible to enter the home. There are different ways you can accomplish this, and you will thank me later! You can ask a home consultant how to make your home “ground set” for safety and ease.



Open Floor Plans

36_97TRU14663AH_LivingRoom_02.jpgThe open floor plan of the Steal I is great!


I love how open and airy the new Clayton floor plans are! They make it easy to change how I have my furniture placed, and I can change how I use a space whenever the mood strikes me.


It is also fantastic how they incorporate natural light and have so many windows in them. If you live in a place with a great view you want to take advantage of that.



Door Widths 

Ask your home consultant if it is possible to get interior doors that are at least 36” wide. This is a huge help for all of us because it makes it easier to get large pieces of furniture into a room and can provide easier access as you enjoy your home for a lifetime.



Large Showers

45TMC32703AH_MCT370R1_Ashford_Shower.jpgThis shower in the MCT370R1 model is roomy and even has a bench!


Something that has become available in almost every price range is large open showers - some don’t even need shower doors! These are so much easier to get in and out of, and many even have a bench built in. These showers help injury prevention at home, are beautiful and can be a great option to consider as well.



Outdoor Spaces



A great way to increase how much living space you have in your new home is to purchase a home with a large deck or porch area. When the weather is great, I’d rather be outside than inside, and many Clayton floor plans now have attached outdoor living spaces that are even large enough to put a dining table or lounge chairs on.


I’ve found a few homes that I’m in love with including the Talladega and Bristol models! Now all I need to do is decide where I want to put them!

Find A Home That Lasts!

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