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Easy Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

It’s the beginning of October and people are probably already asking you, “What are you going to be for Halloween this year?” If you are like me, you smile and say, “Oh, I don’t know.” Then you start contemplating the easiest Halloween costume you can come up with.


Whether you find yourself in this spot or not, here are a few do it yourself costumes that you may want to try this Halloween:


1. A Costume to Make Your Friends Jelly

Person holding a bubble umbrella dressed up as a jellyfish


This costume will be a hit wherever you wear it! Just be careful not to run into things with your jellyfish head!



For your outfit:

  • Any shiny apparel would work best OR simply wear all white


Jellyfish Umbrella:

  • A bubble umbrella
  • Sheer, shiny fabric (try glitter tulle!)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tinsel style fringe ribbon



  1. Wrap the round part of the umbrella in the fabric using safety pins or a glue gun.


  2. Cut and attach strips of fabric and tinsel ribbon around the base of the umbrella to create the shiny border.


  3. Then, use long, slim strips of bubble wrap and tinsel ribbon as tentacles.

Dazzle all your friends with your extremely realistic jellyfish costume!


2. Get Your Pac Together

Group of people dressed up as characters from Pac-Man


If you and a few of your friends are looking for an easy group costume this Halloween, then this Pac-Man idea may be for you! One of the best parts about this theme is that the number of people that are needed for it can vary. You can have:


  • Pac-Man & Mrs. Pac-Man
  • Ghosts (Orange, Red, Pink & Teal)
  • Blue Ghost(s)
  • Fruits (Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Apple & Melon)


So, with all of the different characters, this is a great group costume, or you could keep it simple with just a Pac-Man and a ghost.



  • Colored t-shirts
  • Colored fabric



  1. Cut the fabric to match the character you choose to make the shape of the eyes, mouth or other features for your character. It might be a good idea to print a template out to use when cutting your fabric.


  2. Attach the fabric to the t-shirt using safety pins or a hot glue gun.

Quick Tip
: If you’re a ghost, add some style by cutting the eyes and the bottom of the t-shirt to make them look pixelated like they do in the game. You can also cut triangles into the bottom of the t-shirts to give it the appearance of the ghosts.


3. Stick to the Basics

Group of people dressed up as stick figures

One of the easiest do it yourself Halloween costumes you can make is the stick figure. And while it may qualify as an easy costume, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with it!



  • All-white outfit
  • Black duct tape or electrical tape
  • Paper plate or white cardboard (optional)



  1. Place the duct tape in the shape of a stick figure on the outfit. Give it arms, legs, a body, a shirt or dress, it’s up to you! Get creative!


  2. Draw a face on a paper plate or piece of cardboard to complete the look.


Quick Tip: If you want to get really festive for a night-time Halloween party, swap out the all-white outfit for an all-black one and use glow sticks instead of duct tape!


Make it Exciting

Remember, Halloween is supposed to be fun for all ages! Your friends will love the creativity of these easy, do it yourself costumes. Now, instead of spending way too much time (and money!) stressing out about what to wear, you can use your time to create a spooky Halloween tablescape or snack on candy corn!




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