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Getting Your Lawn Ready for Fall

If you’ve been in any craft store recently, then you’re well aware that fall is upon us. Even though summer is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean the lawn work does too!

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Decorating for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving Style

We’ve talked about the kitchen features that make hosting Friendsgiving a breeze, but there are lots of other things that go into planning the event as well.

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Honoring Veterans All Year Long

Veteran’s Day is celebrated in the United States every November, and it’s all about honoring the people who have sacrificed the most for our country. While celebrating in November is great, it’s important that we celebrate these heroes all year long!

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10 Tips for Easy Manufactured Home Exterior Fall Décor

Are you ready to show off your seasonal decorating skills this autumn? This fall, give some special attention to your outdoor fall décor by decorating your front porch or exterior of your home with clever harvest entryway décor.

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Friday Favorite: The Heritage Mod Model by Schult

 So you’ve decided a prefabricated home is the right choice for you, but now you have to focus on choosing the home of your dreams. When visiting your local home center, you will find there are many home options with features and styles that will pique your interest.

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How to Find a Mobile Home Lender

The home buying process can be confusing for anyone, especially for first-time home buyers, because there can be many additional costs and steps. It may have you thinking of questions like:

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Favorite Home Models of 2018

Throughout 2018, our Clayton home buyers have fallen in love with their new manufactured homes. All of our homes showcase quality designs and are built to last, but some have risen to the top of the charts because of their classic designs and amazing features that our home buyers loved in 2018.

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How Energy Efficient Are Your Household Items?

This Sunday on April 22, we’ll celebrate the best planet in the universe—Earth! In the busy world we live in, it’s easy to forget to care for our planet and monitor our energy usage, so take some time this week to consider how your home uses energy. The Earth will love you for it!


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Ways to Clean Kitchen Sinks: 7 Different Sink Materials

Kitchen sinks come in a variety of styles and materials which means your cleaning routine should be customized to your needs!

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