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World Toilet Day – Celebrating Toilets in Manufactured Homes

Think about how nice it is to use a toilet every day. I’ve been abroad to countries where your regular bathroom option is a hole in the ground, and it’s made me appreciate the average toilet much more. So, let’s celebrate World Toilet Day coming up this Sunday, November 19, and learn a little about the toilets available in Clayton Built® homes!


Clayton Manufactured Home Toilet Options

Mobile Home Toilet in Master Bathroom

The Edison model by Clayton


For the sake of helping homeowners and families of different backgrounds create the perfect home for their needs, we do have toilet options to help improve home accessibility. Available options vary by home building facility, but some offer the following two options:


  • An elongated toilet bowl instead of a round bowl
  • A raised height to accommodate your family’s needs


Like other Clayton home features and upgrade options, these toilet features are usually available at an upgrade cost and only at select home building facilities.


The Standard Clayton Toilet

Manufactured Home Toilet and Soaker Tub

The Fulton model by Clayton


The typical toilet you’ll find in a manufactured home bathroom is likely a Bristol Bay toilet that uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. It’ll have a round bowl and a standard height of around 14-15 inches.


So how do I take care of my toilet?

In celebration of your daily access to a toilet, (seriously this is an amazing thing), you can maintain your toilet simply by cleaning it regularly and occasionally checking for leaks.


How to Check for Toilet Leaks

Start by dropping some food coloring in your water tank. If you notice the color in your toilet bowl, but haven’t flushed yet, your toilet has a leak.


How to Check Your Toilet Base Foundation

Mobile Home Large Open Master Bathroom Shower and Toilet

The 28X66 Jamestown model by Schult*


Try gently shaking your toilet. If it is loose enough to shake around, the waxing around your toilet is wearing out or one of the bolts under your toilet is loose. That means it’s time to call a professional to help remedy your toilet’s base.


How to Clean Your Toilet

Manufactured Home Guest Bathroom Toilet and ShowerThe Rockport model by Clayton


A common cleaning rule would be to make toilet bowl cleaning part of your weekly home maintenance chore list. Here are steps for using a homemade toilet bowl cleaner for your weekly toilet cleaning.


  1. Once a week, turn off the water to your toilet using your water valve and flush down all the water so the toilet bowl is empty.
  2. Then, sprinkle baking soda mixed with borax and salt into the toilet bowl. Make sure you’re wearing gloves for the next part!
  3. Scrub the bowl and under the toilet rim using a sponge or toilet bowl scrubber.
  4. Pour in 1 cup of white vinegar and allow it to sit for about an hour.
  5. Turn the water back on and flush it all down!


By following regular maintenance, you should have a bright and shiny throne to enjoy every day in your Clayton Built® home! Enjoy World Toilet Day on November 19, but don’t let your excitement about toilets limit you—there are many other bathroom features to celebrate too.


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*This home model is not currently in production. Visit your local home center to see similar models available near you. 

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