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Winter and Cold Weather Home Maintenance and Safety Tips

The winter season is fast approaching! It all starts this Sunday when the time changes and we "fall back." So, don't forget to turn back your clocks an hour and to start getting excited for cold weather.


As winter approaches, it is time to get prepared for the holidays, break out the hot chocolate and snuggle up in warm blankets around a nice fireplace. You can prepare your home with 4 manufactured home winter prep tips and get ready to regularly follow these winter safety tips.


Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze



With extreme cold weather conditions, your pipes may run the risk of freezing up. You can protect your pipes by simply letting them drip lightly throughout the night when the temperatures are the coldest.


Master Bath Double Sink Vanity PLAT Clayton Home


All those years your mom told you to “let that faucet drip!” were correct. By doing this, your faucet will keep working, and can help prevent your pipes from freezing and even busting. Just make sure you’re not letting the water drip too much so that you don’t run up your water bill.


Unhook Your Garden Hoses

Exterior Home Water Faucet


Another way to protect your pipes this winter is by unhooking any garden hoses you have from outdoor faucets. This allows your outdoor faucets to drain of any leftover water, and it will prevent them from freezing up and putting your house at risk of any damage they can cause.


Safely Heat Your Home

Resolution Model Clayton Home Thermostat and Entryway


We all know we take a lot of measures to keep our homes warm and cozy for our family. In addition to remembering to keep your thermostat at a reasonable temperature, remember to safely use secondary measures to keeping your space warm.


If you use plug-in space heaters, remember to keep them away from blankets, clothing or any other flammable objects. You should also never leave a space heater on and unattended. If you use a fireplace, make sure to only burn wood. Objects like paper, coal and pine boughs put your roof at risk.


Keep Your Outdoor Walkways Free of Slippery Conditions

The Hickory Model Exterior and Cleared Sidewalks


Ice and snow are notorious for making walkways hazardous in the winter. One easy way to protect your family is by always keeping salt and a shovel on hand.


If you know that your driveway or steps run the risk of icing over one night, salt them heavily beforehand to help prevent ice buildup. Keeping a shovel on hand will also make it easy to clean excess ice or snow from your walkways, allowing safe exit and entry to the cozy indoors!


Stay Up To Date On the Weather

The last tip is to stay up to date with local weather conditions and remember to keep preventive tools on hand to keep your home warm and safe.




These tips will help you keep your home safe and in great condition as winter weather approaches. Keep your family safe by checking on your faucets, fireplace and outdoor living spaces regularly, and this winter will be an enjoyable, safe season.

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