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5 Maintenance Tips for Your Home This Winter

It’s no surprise that winter has arrived, but it’s always a good time to do a little bit of home maintenance (even if it is a little chilly out)! If you’re like me, you might be  wondering how to take care of your home during the winter, when it can be a struggle to even get outside!  


Well, since each Clayton Built® home is built to last you and your family through many winters, we’ve got some pretty Prefabulous® winter home maintenance tips that can help you keep your home in tip-top shape.


Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze

Interior plumbing system inside a Clayton Built® manufactured modular home.


With extremely cold weather conditions, freezing pipes is a risk that homeowners face. You can protect your pipes by simply letting them drip lightly throughout the night when the temperatures are at their coldest. A few other ways to avoid winter water damage are:


  • Properly applying heat tape to your pipes
  • Wrapping insulation around your interior pipes
  • Flushing out the pipes and turn off the water supply if you plan to leave for a long period of time


Unhook Your Garden Hoses

Outdoor faucet on the exterior of a home.


Another way to protect the pipes in your home this winter is by unhooking any garden hoses you have connected to outdoor faucets. This allows the outdoor faucets to drain any leftover water and can help prevent them from freezing which could put the pipes and plumbing in your home at risk!


Keep Your Clayton Built® Home Free of Slippery Conditions

Beautiful Clayton manufactured modular home with a wraparound front porch.


Ice and snow are notorious for making walkway and driveways dangerous in the winter, so if you stay up to date with local weather conditions, you can keep your home safe. One way to do that is to keep salt and a shovel nearby. Trust us, you don’t want to be rushing out for a snow shovel right before a snow storm! The shovel can also make it easy to clean excess snow or ice from your walkways, allowing for safe entry to the cozy indoors!


Locate and Seal Any Leak in Your Home

Worker applying caulk to a window seal.


Be sure to check the seals of your windows, doors and the area around your plumbing system for any cracks. Remove any cracked seals and to ensure that your home’s seals are intact, to prevent leaks, keep the warm air in and keep cold air out.


Safely Heat Your Home




We take a lot of measures to keep our home warm and cozy for our family during the winter. In addition to your ecobee Smart Thermostat staying at a reasonable temperature, you can also safely use one of these alternate heat sources to keep your home warm:1 


  • A space heater: Remember to keep them away from blankets, clothing or any other flammable objects and never leave it on and unattended.


  • A fireplace: Use a glass or metal fire screen large enough to catch sparks and rolling logs and have it professionally inspected and cleaned at least once a year.


Your Clayton home was built inside one of our climate controlled home building facilities with strength and durability in mind, so it can endure all sorts of elements. But these winter home maintenance tips will help you keep your home in great condition even longer and through all sorts of winter weather conditions.


For those of you who haven’t had a chance to get into a home yet, stop by your local home center today to learn more about manufactured home maintenance or to let us help you find the home of your dreams!




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1 “Cool Temps Linger" American Red Cross. Accessed February 18, 2019.




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