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Why Styles and Features in Manufactured Homes Vary

Have you wondered why mobile home styles are different? Or maybe you want to know why different manufactured home models cost different prices. The types of materials, features, upgrade options, size and other factors can affect how much a manufactured home costs.


You can compare manufactured home pricing to that of the car industry. You pay different prices for similar models, but each will have different options and features, such as interior finishing materials, that affect the price of the model.


Manufactured Home Similarities


No matter what home model you buy or how much it costs, a manufactured home will always meet stringent building codes to ensure the strength and durability of your home. That's part of our Clayton Built® promise.


However, depending on your budget and personal taste, the difference in pricing will determine what goes into the exterior siding, outer trim, interior trim, cabinets, flooring and more.


How can manufactured homes be distinguished then?

kennedy.jpgThe Kennedy model by Schult


There are different levels of pricing based on what materials are used during construction of your home. Whether you want a strong home in the lower-priced segment that includes life’s essentials, or you want a home in the higher-end market with all the available upgrade options, these different types of homes exist to help make beautiful, affordable homes available to a variety of home buyers with different budgets.


Check out the factors that affect the cost of a manufactured home and what will be included in your manufactured home based off your budget.


What do manufactured homes cost?

Sometimes, people ask “How are mobile homes so affordable?” or “What features can you get with each manufactured home model?”  Homes can range anywhere below $40,000 without required installation and delivery charges to more than $200,000.  Sometimes home buyers expect certain features in a home at a certain price point and get something they did not expect.


There are so many amenities and features that can vary through these price points, so that is why we strive to establish clear expectations up front as to what is included in each home at each price point.  That is why we break down options within each Clayton Built® home price range.


Lower Priced Homes

Manufactured-EXHILARATION-36TRU14763AH-Living-Room-20170323-1527594235624.jpgThe Exhiliration model by TRUmh


Homes that come at the lowest prices are built with the most affordable materials and offer standard options. These homes come standard with our quality materials. They typically offer limited changes and options with a few minor interior and exterior choices.


Vision Xtreme.jpgThe Vision Extreme 1664 model by Clayton


These homes are built to cater to home buyers with a smaller budget so that they can achieve the dream of homeownership at a lower cost.  


Mid-range Priced Homes

social 72.jpgThe Social 72 model by Clayton


Homes that fall into mid-range pricing offer more options with more traditional roof pitches, board and batten with partial drywall (where available), cabinetry, siding and floor plans. 




The Grand Slam model by Schult


These Clayton Built® homes often come with upgraded features such as fireplaces, large kitchen islands, walk-in closets, roof pitch and varying home size options ranging from 28’ to 32’ wide homes. However, they may not be as large as higher priced homes and do not offer specialty finishes such as wood flooring, stone accents or built-in porches


Higher Priced Homes

Manufactured Home with Front PorchThe McGarrity model by Cavalier 


If you are the kind of person who likes customizations with all the bells and whistles and have the budget to match, then higher priced homes are for you!  They have options for the latest, highest end materials and finishes that you can choose from to fit your style.


Mobile Home Open KitchenThe Kenbell model by Marlette


While building a manufactured home is typically more affordable than building a site-built homes, you can still enjoy some of the latest modern amenities and trendy styles, such as subway tiling, higher pitched roofs, custom cabinets and designer exteriors at a lower price.


Upgrades and Customization in Any Home


The GLE601F model by Golden West


Upgrade and customization options affect the final cost of your home. Creating features and functionalities to fit your personal style, such as additional cabinets or a soaker tub, come with a cost, but still keep your home cost affordable.  


In the end, Clayton Built® manufactured home builders take pride in catering to a wide range of budgets so that we can help more and more people achieve affordable homeownership. Check out different homes in a variety of price ranges on!

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