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Why Prefab Homes Are Perfect for Older Home Buyers

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, around 32% of households who live in manufactured homes are headed by a retiree.1 The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) found that in 2017, 19% of manufactured home residents were 60 years old or older.2


Older Couple Moving Into New Manufactured Home


Now, it’s not to say that all older homeowners and residents are retirees, but if you are an older homeowner or home buyer, it’s clear that prefabricated homes are a wonderful option for a few key reasons.


1. Affordability
2. Ease of Access
3. Stylish Design
4. Less to Maintain, but Still Room to Spare
5. Low Utility Costs


Older Family Sitting on Tiny Home Porch


It’s really no wonder that so many manufactured homeowners are retirees—they understand all the benefits that a manufactured home offers! Keep reading to learn how manufactured and modular homes offer these perks and why they’re so important as homeowners age.


1. Manufactured and Modular Home Affordability



Because of our streamlined manufactured home building process, we can maximize how many homes we build each day and also reduce the cost of materials.


Manufactured Home Building Facility Interior 

We purchase building materials and brand name appliances in bulk, and these materials and appliances are distributed to our network of building facilities nationwide. This lets us use economies of scale to pass the savings on to home buyers like you! Our internal Clayton Supply team helps us maximize how we purchase and distribute building materials and resources to reduce costs.


We also have internal building efficiencies like production line assembly and recycling of extra materials. These processes aid in driving down cost of construction so we can pass the savings to home buyers.


Inside Manufactured Home Building Facility


So you’re wondering, “How much less do manufactured and modular homes really cost?” Well, the average new home sales price of manufactured homes without land in 2016 was $70,600, and in 2016 the average cost per square foot to build new manufactured homes was $48.82.2 Single wide homes cost even less at an average new home sales price of $46,700 without land and a cost per square foot to build of $43.44.2


2. Easy Access in Ranch Mobile Homes

Manufactured and modular homes from Clayton are most often built as ranch homes. No stairs to worry about climbing! Plus, these one-level home options have a variety of optional features and upgrades that can improve home accessibility such as step-in showers, 36” wide doorways and open floor plans with wide hallways.


With home upgrades that improve home accessibility, you have a home that is not just easy to age in, but is also easy for family and friends of all ages and abilities. Open floor plans improve home safety, are inviting and are also perfect for entertaining.


3. Stunning Manufactured Home Styles

Mobile Home Farmhouse Kitchen Island and Range Hood

The Littlefield model by SEhomes


Clayton Built® manufactured and modular homes have beautiful design features and upgrades. Prefabulous™ details like farmhouse sinks, walk-in closets, wood ceiling beams and fireplaces are just some features that are wonderful for any home!


Manufactured Home Living Room with Fireplace and Ceiling BeamsThe McGarrity model by Cavalier


Not only will your new ranch home be easy to get around, it will look beautiful with designer details available at an affordable price.


Schult Manufactured Home Open Dining Room and Arched Doorway

The 2085 CK4+2 Heritage model by Schult


On top of that, many of our homes are customizable. That means in a new Clayton manufactured home, you get to enjoy home design that perfectly fits your style and is as classy as you.


4. Low Maintenance Mobile Homes

Girl Cleaning Mobile Home Glass Shower Door


One of the best things about buying a new manufactured or modular home as an older home buyer is the ease of maintaining your new home. Easy to clean hard surface flooring options reduce your weekly list of chores, and exterior cleaning is simplified too!


Whether you purchase a new home with the common vinyl siding option or another material such as fiber cement siding, routine maintenance does not require extensive work.


Plus, since the home is new and built to last a lifetime, it will not need much work or renovation. New plumbing systems, heating and cooling systems and frame construction mean that your home is ready to enjoy for years to come.


5. Low Manufactured Home Heating and Cooling Costs



Manufactured homes are tightly constructed to reduce the amount of heat transfer that happens in your home! A 2008 study by the University of Michigan found that a home built in a facility had an air change rate that meant the home was 7.6 times tighter than a typical site built home.3


This means that between precise building methods that reduce air flow and the quality insulation that goes into every manufactured home, a new manufactured home does not have as much heat escaping in the winter or as much heat entering during the summer as the average site built home.


Clayton Energy Smart Home Package 

You can even improve the efficiency of your manufactured home with energy efficient home options or the Energy Smart Home package, which is available through Clayton Homes retail centers. Many current Clayton homeowners have told us that the savings they’ve seen with their Energy Smart Home packages have astounded them and they’re so happy to save on utilities each month.


Older Couple Unpacking in Mobile Home Foyer


There are so many perks to buying a prefab home and many of them do not just benefit older home buyers, but anyone looking to buy the home of their dreams. The affordability and ease of access in manufactured homes stands out, and if you’re looking for a home to enjoy as you age, a new single-level Clayton home could be the perfect fit for you.

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