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The Simple Reasons Manufactured and Modular Homes Are So Affordable

According to the Manufactured Housing Instituted, in 2017, the average price of a new manufactured home without land was around $70,0001. And according to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2015 the average price of a new manufactured home without land  was $68,000 compared to the average price of a new single family site built home with land at around $360,000.


So, why are manufactured homes so much more affordable than the average site built home? There are many perks of prefabricated home building that make mobile homes so affordable. Check out the simple reasons manufactured homes can cost less!


Materials Purchased in Bulk 

Affordable Bulk Mobile Home Materials


Since manufactured and modular homes are built indoors, builders are able to purchase items in bulk and store them away safely inside the facility, helping to prevent potential material damage.


Site built homes are typically only built one home at a time and excess materials often don’t have anywhere to go. Since prefabricated housing is built indoors, excess materials have a place to be stored for later use and building facilities can also ensure they’re stocked for each custom home order.

Pre-cut Materials to Size

Building Mobile Home Roof System


Manufactured and modular home builders can order the exact size of the materials needed to build the home, and don’t have to worry about wasting materials or ordering extra materials they may not use. This keeps home builders and home buyers from having to pay for more materials than are needed.

Less Cost Per Square Foot

Manufactured Home on Land


 According to the same study by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2015, the average manufactured home cost about $50 less per square foot to build than the average single family site built home.


MHI data from 2016 shows that the average cost per square foot of a new manufactured home was $48.82.1 That means home buyers get more for their money in every square foot of their home and are making a financially smart choice by purchasing a manufactured home.

Less Time Means Less Money

Efficient Mobile Home Construction


Prefabricated homes cost less because they take less time to build than a site built home. This means that home builders can build a home with less man power time, saving the home buyer on labor costs by the hour.

Built with More Affordable Materials

Building Manufactured Home Cabinets


Clayton Built® homes are built with affordable materials by brand names home buyers can trust. Materials such as vinyl siding and linoleum flooring often help us offer a home at a cheaper price, and since builders can order in bulk, it makes it more affordable to upgrade to higher cost materials if that’s what a home buyer would like.


Safe From the Elements

Inside Mobile Home Building Facility


Since manufactured and modular homes are built indoors, each home is safe from the elements while it is being built. Unlike a site built home, a home buyer will know that the living room won’t be rained on and the bedroom will not get snowed in before the roof and walls are constructed to protect the home.


These 6 manufactured home advantages are just a few of the simple factors that make mobile homes so affordable. Because of the manufactured home building process, you can be confident that you are making a smart decision as well as getting a lot more home for less money when you decide to purchase a manufactured home.


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