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Why Designer Series Tiny Homes are Perfect for Retirement

Are you looking to downsize your living situation for your retirement years? You may have heard about the new tiny house or microliving movement, which is all about living simply. But maybe you’re wondering, “Are tiny homes practical?”


Tiny Homes – Practical for Retirees

Older Couple Outside Tiny Home


There are a lot of benefits that make tiny homes good for retirees. From being luxurious single story homes to being able to build them to comply with all applicable building codes wherever you choose to have your home, Clayton’s Designer Series tiny homes are great for homeowners looking to retire in style. Check out all the reasons why retirees should join the tiny home movement.


Why should you retire in a tiny home?

Clayton Low Country Tiny House Exterior


There are many benefits to living in a tiny home. For retirees and seniors, tiny homes are a great option for safe, comfortable and simple living.


The fact that 40 percent of tiny homeowners are 50 and older shows that already, many older homeowners recognize that tiny dwelling options are a wonderful housing solution. With the lower cost of daily living and simplicity of living in a smaller home, a tiny modular home like a Designer Series tiny home is a great option for older homeowners.


9 Reasons Retirees Should Live in a Designer Series Tiny Home

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  • Visit Family Freely – With a tiny home, you usually have less to clean and maintain as well as lower utility costs, so you have more time and money to travel and spend more time with family and friends.


  • Place Your Home in Your Favorite Place – Whether you place the Salt Box somewhere near the lake or ocean, or you place the Low Country somewhere in rolling hills or mountains, you can work with your home builder and local zoning regulators to build your home for the region your heart desires.


Retirees Dinner Outside Tiny House



  • Less Stuff Means Less Clutter – Did you know clutter can actually cost you? In a tiny home though, you have less space. Less space means less stuff, and less stuff means less work. If you choose to retire in a tiny home, you choose to live a simpler life with less worries and stress.


  • Save on Utility Bills – Simply put, if you have a smaller space to heat, cool and keep lit, you should spend less on your utility bills.


Tiny Home Living Room Chair and Windows


  • Get Closer to Your Partner – For some, living in a tiny home can help foster a better relationship with their partner because they have more open communication, understanding and patience.


  • Enjoy Easier Access – If you live in a Designer Series tiny home, you won’t have to worry about walking up stairs to get to a second floor or walking across a large space to get to the fridge. Everything you need will be easily accessible in an open, single story tiny home.


Low Country Single Story Tiny House


Going tiny in your retirement years can mean simplicity, savings and comfort all in a home designed with luxury in mind. Learn more about how Clayton Designer Series tiny homes are built and how to get ready to downsize by checking out 6 ways to get ready to go tiny.


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