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Who Makes Clayton Manufactured Homes?

Purchasing a home is a big undertaking, and it’s comforting to know that the right people are behind the whole process! At Clayton, our people are what set us apart. Throughout your home buying journey, you’re treated as a member of our family.


From the home design and architecture conceptualization at the corporate office to the home building craftsmen and home consultants who work with you one-on-one as you search for your perfect home, Clayton is made of people who are passionate about and skilled at what they do.


Home Designers & Architects


This is one of the first steps in the building process. Before we can build quality homes, we get to design them. Andy Hutsell is one of the talented people who draws up home plans that become your forever home!


Material Buyers


The main goal of our building supply and brand partnerships are to help you get more value in your home. Andy Morgillo, our Vice President of Procurement, breaks down how cost, quality, supply capability and warranty service help us decide what materials to use in our homes.


Environmental Health and Safety Manager


Building safe homes is our top priority. Bruce Morey, an environmental health safety manager, helps keep your new home, and the people building it, safe.


Home Building Facility General Manager

When the homes we build are finished, our team members understand that they haven’t just built a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with 2,100 sq. ft. We’re building homes where your family can create memories.


Ronny Robertson, a general manager at one of our home building facilities, makes sure that team members work hard every day with this mindset so the home that you receive is one made with your family in mind.


Area Coordinators


Area coordinators at every home building facility, like Sonya Clay, are inspecting homes throughout the building process to ensure that they are made in conjunction with strict building standards set by HUD code for strength, quality and durability. Efficiency and precision set the stage for every home we build at Clayton.


Sales Center Manager

When you begin your home buying journey, you will likely visit a home center and see homes you can imagine yourself in. Sales center general managers, like Scharlett Roberson, and the home consultants they work with are there to help you along the way.


Throughout your home buying journey, our team is at your service answering your questions and working to help you find an affordable home that you’re proud to call your own.


Customer Care Technicians

When your home is finished, one of the final steps is on-site completion of construction and then onto happily ever after in your new home. Once you’re settled in, our customer care technicians, like Steve O’Brien, are passionate about making sure you and your home are taken care of when you need high quality service or have a warranty request.



From the home design phase on, Clayton is committed to making your home buying journey amazing every step of the way. Since Clayton began in 1956, our team members have been here to help you get the home of your dreams and open doors to a better life.



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