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Where Clayton Manufactured Homes Are Built

Clayton has 40 climate controlled home building facilities located across America where we construct Clayton Built® homes. We build long-lasting manufactured and modular homes inside facilities from coast to coast in cities like Sacramento, California, Waco, Texas, Middlebury, Indiana and Waycross, Georgia.


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If you look for the red home building facility symbol on the map, you can find a Clayton manufactured home building facility near you. Click the map to download and zoom in!

We Build Indoors Because the Details Matter



Building manufactured and modular homes in a climate controlled facility allows us to control the entire home building process and ensure quality and innovation in four key areas:


  1. Multiple internal inspections for quality assurance are conducted during the building process providing you with peace of mind knowing that your home has met hard-to-please inspectors’ expectations for HUD Code compliance, quality and safety.


  1. Building indoors lets us minimize weather delays so we can continue building each day and deliver you your home quickly.


  1. We have a streamlined building process which lets us build more homes and plan for those homes in advance. In turn, this allows us to purchase building materials in bulk at precise measurements so we can reduce the time and cost of building new homes. A streamlined building process results in more affordable homes.


  1. Almost all of our Clayton home building facilities are ISO 14001 registered, which means these facilities will meet international standards for energy management through building process enhancements like improved dust control, waste management and recycling efforts.


Tour of Manufactured Home Building Facility


These are just some of the reasons why constructing homes in our building facilities all over the country allows us to ensure quality and affordable homes to American families.


What The Building Facilities Look Like

From the outside, a home building facility looks like a typical warehouse, but inside, you’ll find a complex, refined construction system.





A tour of a facility will show you that while one trained team member is filling walls with insulation, another is finishing painting the ceiling and another is grouting shower tile – all at the same time.


Each Clayton Built® home will be touched by team members who are specialists in their line of work, from team members who build cabinets to those who shingle roofs. This helps increase building efficiency as well as ensuring every aspect of your home is quality built.




Do All Facilities Build The Same Homes?

Different home building facilities typically specialize in certain styles and brands of homes. These facilities will influence the types of Clayton Built® homes available at a home center near you.


For instance, you may not be able to find homes from certain brands such as Karsten Homes in a city like Greenville, SC, because the Karsten Homes facilities are in the Western part of the United States. However, we offer quality designs and comparable Clayton Built® styles all over the country under our trusted family of brands.


Clayton Manufactured Home Building Facility


Although we can’t make every home brand available at every home center, the Clayton home manufacturing locations are maximized to make a variety of styles available to families like yours. Many of our home building facilities are strategically located near Clayton owned home centers so that retailers can get your dream home to you quickly.


Where Clayton Built® Homes are Sold

Clayton Homes Retailer


To find a home center near you, visit our website and use your zip code to locate a retailer near you. These retailers will have a variety of single wide, double wide and triple wide Prefabulous® home models on display for you to check out.


The type of homes that home centers offer will vary across the country, but if you have a specific style in mind, show one of our friendly home consultants the model you love and they’ll be happy to help you find a home that is comparable. That’s just one way a local home center can help you find the home of your dreams.



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