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When and How To Change Your Manufactured Home Air Filters

When you purchase a home, whether it’s site built, modular or manufactured, you should have a list of maintenance tasks to do each month in order to keep your home running properly.


You should have regular schedules to check everything from the roof’s shingles to the batteries in the smoke detectors. One task on your maintenance lists should be to clean or change your mobile home air vent filters.


Manufactured Home Exterior

The AVD32703A model by Clayton


These filters play a huge role in keeping your home comfortable and clean year-round. Whether your home’s heating and cooling system is gas, electric or oil, the air filter reduces the amount of dust and harmful particles circulating throughout your home and lessens the particles’ ability to clog the HVAC unit.


In your HVAC system, the manufactured home furnace’s blower acts as a pump and forces warm air to individual rooms through a duct system. The pressure of this is then balanced by return air that comes from return air ducts.


In general, your manufactured home furnace and air conditioner both filter air through the same air vent filters. You should make sure that these are clean during both the winter and summer months!


So how often should you change the air filters in your house?


Well, as a rule of thumb, we advise changing your air filter according to your HVAC system manufacturer’s recommendation, which is usually every 30-90 days.


During the hottest months (think the scorching July sun) and coldest months (think the February snow), you may even have to do it more often. Over the course of these months, your manufactured home’s furnace and HVAC system will be pushing more air through the filter, causing more dust and particle build-up.


5 Steps to Change Your Air Filter


  1. Locate your manufactured home air filter

Locating Manufactured Home Furnace & Air Filters


Finding your manufactured home air filter’s location is the first step in keeping your home’s air clean and safe for your family.


Look for a metal grill located on the wall that allows furnace ventilation. Your furnace and air filters are generally located in your utility closet. If you can’t find your air filters, you can refer to your homeowner’s manual or ask a friendly Clayton home consultant for help.



  1. Shut off your manufactured home’s cooling and heating unit



Once you locate the return grill or maintenance closet that contains the air filter, turn off the air conditioning unit on the thermostat in your home or shut off the breaker. This will turn off both the furnace and AC unit. Doing so will make it easier to check the filter and replace it.



  1. Determine if it’s time to change your manufactured home’s air filter


Open the grill that contains the air filter and remove the existing filter from the unit. The more transparent it is, the cleaner it is. If your manufactured home air filter contains dust, dirt and is impossible to see through, it’s time to change it! Using the suggested replacement schedule given by the air system’s manufacturer is a great way to know when to check your air filter.



  1. Check the size of your manufactured home air filter



Open the grill and look at the existing air filter’s size that is printed on the side. There are many different manufactured home air filter sizes, so make sure you get the right one! Sizes can be anything from 10x20x1 to 24x30x1. Take note of the size and head to the nearest hardware store to buy a replacement air filter.


If you have pets, it’s also a good idea to choose a filter that specifically states it handles pet dandruff on its packaging.



  1. Replace your manufactured home’s air filter


Now you’ve reached the easiest and final step! Take out the old, dirt-covered filter and replace it with the new clean one. Don’t forget to check “change my manufactured home air filter” off your maintenance to-do list! By changing your air filter regularly, your home will be cleaner and sit at a comfortable temperature year-round.


Watch How to Change Your Air Filter



Reusable Air Filters


If you don’t want to replace your air filter with a new one, there are certain types of air filters that you can clean. For instance, some manufactured homes come with metal air filters that you can clean on a regular maintenance schedule.


To clean a reusable air filter, you’ll flush the filter with water from the tap or from a hose.



Do you want to keep these air filter maintenance steps at easy access? Download your free air filter guide today and let it remind you how to keep your home happy, healthy and clean!


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