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Ways to Prevent Black Mold Like a Superhero

Black mold growing near baseboard and door


You might be asking yourself, “Why am I interested in this fungus among us?” The truth is there are many types of black mold, but only a few types are dangerous to your health.

Regardless, mold is nothing to mess around with. No mold is friendly. Since that is the case, wait no more. I am going to tell you all about ways to prevent villainous mold!


Cleaning tile and grout in shower in bathroom


First, scour your home for any moisture that may be gathering. For example, the bathroom, floors and basements are great places to start. Mold is always lurking about looking for moisture and organic material to feed on.


“Organic material you say. I don’t have any of that in my home.”


At least that is what I thought until I found out drywall counts as organic material, along with wood, grout and even upholstery.


After you have identified your home's trouble spots, (mine is the bathroom) look at ways to neutralize the moisture. Ventilation is key to preventing mold from taking a stronghold in your home.


Super Mold Prevention Tips


  • Try using a fan in the bathroom.

  • Buy a moisture meter. You can find these at your local hardware store. It is important to know your home's humidity so you can keep an eye out for moisture.

  • Make sure to clean the trouble areas you find.

  • Open the windows to let air move through your home and close the windows when it rains.

  • Check your roof and gutters. A full gutter might be making your roof leak, and the moisture will allow mold to grow. Make sure you clean your gutters regularly to prevent this from happening.

  • Check your plants for mold. The wet soil your house plants live in is a great place for mold to thrive. You can actually make a tea to prevent mold from growing in your plant’s soil!

  • Make sure your home’s temperature is set to combat moisture. Mold cannot live in a dry area, so your ideal temperature is mostly likely low seventies. (Your ideal temperature will vary according to where you live.)

  • Try a dehumidifier for moist basements. This is especially helpful if you live in the humid south like me.

  • Use mold resistant materials. Now, there is sheetrock that is mold resistant and also moisture resistant drywall.


Cleaning Shower Glass in bathroom


Now that you know more about fighting off mold, all you need is a catch phrase to say as you prevent the mold spores from taking hold of your shower.


My personal favorite to say as I dry up the water from my bathroom floor and turn on the vent is, “Take that you dirty spores!”

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