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Honoring Veterans All Year Long

Veteran’s Day is celebrated in the United States every November, and it’s all about honoring the people who have sacrificed the most for our country. While celebrating in November is great, it’s important that we celebrate these heroes all year long!


Here are a few ways you can honor the veterans in your area:


Read and share stories with your children about history and veterans

Mom and Dad reading a story to their toddler son and infant daughter.


One of the most important ways to honor our servicemen and women is to not let their stories go untold. Share the stories of Pearl Harbor heroes, Mary Ludwig Hayes McCauly’s determination as “Molly Pitcher”, the boys storming Normandy and other acts of bravery throughout history with your kiddos, let them be inspired. Websites like The Smithsonian Institute and the American History Museum offer great online resources for teaching your little ones about American history.

Visit a museum or local monument

Group of friends exploring a museum together.


Visiting a monument or museum can be a great experience for kids and adults alike. There’s something striking about seeing history come to life with names, exhibits, artifacts and testimonials from people who’ve studied or even lived through some of history’s most prominent events.

Visit veterans in a nursing home or assisted living facility

Mother and daughters making cookies together in a Clayton Homes kitchen.


Many veterans currently live in assisted living facilities across the country, plenty of whom have little to no family near them. A great way to be a blessing to them and to express your gratitude is to simply go visit and chat with them. Bonus points if you bring them fresh baked cookies!

Take meals to veterans you know that are homebound

Mother and son preparing a meal together in a Clayton Home kitchen.


It can be hard for elderly or wounded veterans to get out and around. Make their lives a little easier and your life a little happier by dropping by with a meal every so often. Whether you sit down to enjoy it with them or just bring it by and say hello, you’ll surely put a smile on their face!

Make and send cards to local veterans

Craft Room in the Clayton Homes Amazon Model.

Craft Room in the Clayton Amazon Home Model


Let’s put that craft room to good use! Break out the magic markers and stickers and get to work! Help your kids make handmade cards saying thanks and telling a little about themselves. This will brighten up a veteran’s day and teach your kiddos the importance of saying thank you!


Make a financial contribution to an organization that supports veterans

Veterans and friends standing together outside manufactured home.


When sitting down to write out your family budget, take a look at where you’ve got a little wiggle room. Set aside enough funds to make a financial contribution to an organization that supports veterans, no matter how large or small your donation is, it’ll be appreciated and put to good use.

At Clayton, we are thankful for the sacrifice and bravery that our veterans have made to ensure our freedom. Take an opportunity this Veteran’s Day to look at what you and your loved ones can do to support these heroes.




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