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How to Use Clayton Favorites to Find Your Dream Home

Have you been looking through Clayton’s countless manufactured homes online as you search for your dream home? Now, with Clayton Favorites, you can save the features and styles you love instead of writing down home model names or bookmarking the homes on your browser.


1. Start by Creating a Favorites Account

Clayton Homes Favorites


You can use your email or your Facebook account to create your Favorites account, making it easy to get started.


2. Start Creating Boards

Clayton Homes Favorites


You can create boards for every part of your home, kind of like Pinterest! Create a board for kitchens, one for spa bathrooms you love, one for your favorite flooring and one for master bedrooms—you can create a board for anything you love.


3. Start Adding to Your Boards
Clayton Homes Save Favorites Board


When you click on one of your empty boards, you’ll have two ways you can start saving your favorite homes and home features. You can go browse homes near you or check out the Get Inspired page to look at numerous beautiful home options.


4. Save Homes Near You

Clayton Favorites Save Home Models


There are two ways to save homes near you to your Favorites board. You can save photos of the home with the heart icon in the bottom left hand corner of the home photos.


Clayton Favorites Save Photo


Once you save a photo, you can name it to help you remember what it is and how you want to organize it on your board.


Save the home model if you would like to save the whole home and not just the photos of your favorite features. You can save the home model by clicking the heart icon on the right-hand side of your page.


Clayton Favorites Save Home Model


You can also name the home when you save it to a board. Name it something to help you remember it, like “Home with the arches” or “Big kitchen island house.” Or you can name it its model number—whatever helps you create the home of your dreams.


5. Save Features from Get Inspired

Save Favorites From Get Inspired


If you want to save your favorite rooms or features from the Get Inspired galleries, you can use the heart icons at the bottom left side of each photo to put the photos on one of your Favorites boards.


6. Keep Saving

Favorites Fill Boards


Every time you visit, log in to your Favorites account and keep browsing new homes and features. It can help you as you dream about your first home, help you narrow down your options as you search for more room for your family or inspire home updates for your current home. Enjoy saving all your favorites today!


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