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9 Optional Upgrades to Improve Accessibility at Home

At Clayton, we are proud that many of our home models can be modified with optional features to accommodate people of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements do not apply to the type of residential homes we build, many of our facilities offer certain features that can be added to our home models to enhance use by the disabled and improve the general safety of our homes.


When you buy your new home, ask your friendly home consultants about these options, which are often available as optional upgrades.


Grab bars

Bath Tub Grab Bars


Grab bars in the bathroom can improve home safety for every member of the family by helping prevent harmful falls. Ask about grab bars for your shower and toilet.


Raised height toilet models

Elongated Raised Mobile Home Toilet


Toilets that are higher off the ground tend to help individuals with knee, hip and back related mobility troubles. A raised level toilet can also be coupled with an assistance railing.


Step-in showers and built-in shower seat

Mobile Home Step In Shower

93RCK30763AH model by Karsten*


Step-in showers provide a solution to safe bathing by minimizing potential falls. Another shower feature for comfort and safety is the built-in shower seat, available in many of our homes.


Lever door handles

Lever Door Handle


Lever door handles benefit those that have a loss of mobility in their hands. They’re also easy for children to use.


36" passage doors

Dining Room Wide Doorway

The Anniversary 2.1 model by Clayton


36” passage doors provide easy entry into each room of the home and improve wheelchair movement throughout the home.


Wider hallways

Mobile Home Living Room Hallway

The Ceo model by Norris


Wider hallways can provide wheelchair users easier access to other rooms while making the entire home feel more open.


Bathrooms with 5’ diameter clearance

Mobile Home Master Bathroom

The Baylee model by SEhomes


These bathrooms have been designed with safety in mind and have enough space for most wheelchair users to navigate comfortably.


Hard surface floors

Hard Surface Floor Mobile Home

The Balboa Island 2030 model by Karsten*


Hard surface floors are both a beautiful and beneficial option for anyone that wants to increase easy access throughout their home. Plus, hard surface flooring is easy to maintain.


Open floor plans

Manufactured Home Open Kitchen Floor Plan

The Knight model by Buccaneer


Open floor plans make the whole home feel more spacious and can provide easier access to other rooms in the house.


These Clayton features can help accommodate persons with disabilities while providing a more comfortable living environment for your family.  Our optional home features are great for people of any background looking to create a safer living environment improve their ability to move freely in their home or simply open up their living space.


If your family has specific needs, speak with your home retailer in advance to determine the availability of specific optional features to accommodate persons with disabilities.

Find Open Floor Plans

*This home model is not currently in production. Visit your local home center to see similar models available near you.

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