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Two Do it Yourself Projects for National S'mores Day

Today, August 10th, is National S’mores Day so we’re going to be talking how to build the perfect fire as well as how you can build a fire pit as your perfect do it yourself project.


Build the Perfect S’mores Fireshutterstock_113629156.jpg

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably not a master outdoorsman, so you may not know that there are different types of fires for certain occasions. Luckily, when it comes s’mores, I know a thing or two.


The teepee fire is ideal for roasting marshmallows because it’s simple to build, is easy to maintain, allows for good air flow to feed the fire and puts off a good amount of heat.


Build the perfect teepee fire by following these steps:


1. Gather sticks and bark from nearby trees along with some dry grass. Use the grass, bark and smaller sticks to form a kindling ball. If you have a hard time starting the fire, try using a clever petroleum jelly cotton ball starter.

2. Use the larger sticks to create a teepee around the ball. Leave a small opening around the ball to light the fire and let the fire get oxygen.

3. Continue forming the wood teepee with larger wood pieces that hold one another up until you’re content with the size of it.


4. Once you’re finished, light the match and place it near the ball in the center.

You may carefully add more sticks to the fire as needed for kindling, all while maintaining the teepee shape and enjoying your delicious s'mores.


Build a Backyard Fire Pit


Building a fire pit can be an easy do it yourself  project if you have concrete blocks. Follow these two simple steps to build a cheap backyard fire pit yourself:


1. First and foremost, make sure you choose a safe place for the fire pit. It shouldn’t be on a wooden deck or on grass and shouldn’t be under low hanging trees or a covered porch. It should be at least 10 feet away from any structure and on a non-flammable surface (concrete, brick or stone).

2. Stack the concrete blocks around a circle of dirt to form the fire pit. Dirt should be at the center of the fire pit, but sand can also be used. Make sure the base is level and you’re ready to build your fire.




Now that you know how to build a backyard fire pit and how to build the perfect fire for roasting some marshmallows, you can get prepared to celebrate National S’mores Day along with countless nights by the fire with your friends and family! Remember to play safe by following our fire pit safety tips.

Prepare for Pit Safety

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