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Trending Color Palettes for 2017 and Where to Use Them In Your Home

New year, new color palette! If you were eagerly waiting for the ball to drop on New Year’s Eve, then I’m sure you’re ready to switch things up in 2017!


What better way to kick-start a drastic change in your life than by introducing a new color palette to your home? 

What is a Color Palette?


In interior design, a color palette is a group of differing hues that are methodically chosen to accompany one another in a space.


These color schemes can be complementary (colors opposite each other), monochromatic (color tone variations of one color), analogous (colors right next to each other) or even triadic (colors on the wheel that form a triangle when connected). 


Color Palette WheelPhoto by Inside Out Style


Pantone Color Palettes


In 2016, Pantone named two colors of the year for the first time—rose quartz and serenity.

If decorating with these pastels isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry because the 2017 color palette trends are much different! This year, Pantone has named nine distinct color palettes, so there is sure to be one for you.


Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute, cited multiple box office movies as the inspiration for the color palettes for 2017. These inspirations mean 2017’s nine color palettes come with extremely varying hues!


From the Graphic Imprints color palette, containing bases of black and white with splashes of Prism Pink, Blazing Yellow and even Orange Popsicle, to the Day Dreaming palette, containing pastels like Rose Quartz, Serenity, Yellow Iris and Nile green, each of the 2017 home color palettes invoke a different feeling.


I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites and some suggestions of how they can be used in your home!


Where to Use Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming.jpgPhoto by Home Fashion Forecast


The daydreaming palette would be perfect paint colors for the bedroom, where the goal is comfort and relaxation. Using these cool tones in your bedroom will make you feel at ease immediately. Since these colors are relaxing, they can even help you sleep better!


Where to Use Florabundant

Florabundant 2017 Pantone Color Palette

Photo by Home Fashion Forecast


The Florabundant color scheme looks just as it sounds. With deep red and purple, hot pinks, orange and a splash of green, this palette consists of all the colors you’d see roaming through a garden.


It would be perfect to use in a larger, more open space such as the back patio or living room!


Where to Use Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing 2017 Pantone Color PalettePhoto by Shop Grand Central


Similar to Florabundant, the Forest Bathing is also true to its name. According to Home Fashion Forecast, this palette was inspired by the Japanese practice of forest bathing.


With teals, blues and greens dominating and a Grape Kiss purple accent, a look at this palette and a stroll through a room filled with these colors will make you feel as if you’re strolling through a forest.


The cool colors would be great for creating a soothing master bedroom and bathroom retreat. Try adding pops of Grape Kiss!


Where to Use Reminiscence

Reminiscence Pantone Color PalettePhoto by Shop Grand Central


This color palette is a blast from the past—think classic. When used together these colors give off a feeling of long-standing tradition.


Just imagine you’re looking at a bookshelf in an old library. Neutrals such as tans, black, cream with accents of dark green, yellow and deep red would work well in a home library or office in 2017!


BEHR® Color Palettes


Decorating with color palettes can be difficult. That’s why BEHR® has also proposed three different color schemes that will be popular this year!


Based upon your personality and the personality of each room in your home, choose from the confident, composed or comfortable color palettes to pick your kitchen, bedroom or living room’s new hue! 

Behr Color Palettes 2017Photo by BEHR® 


Where to Use Comfortable Palette

If you’re looking to make your new bedroom a peaceful and relaxing space, the pastel and muted tones of the Comfortable Palette is perfect for you! As an added bonus, this color palette can also be strategically used to make your room look bigger. 


Where to Use Confident Palette

Make your guests feel extra sociable and extroverted by using the Confident Palette in the areas that are intended for socializing and entertaining. With this as your new kitchen color scheme, you’ll be inspired by the vibrant and energetic colors to spice up your dishes!


Where to Use Composed Palette

With the Composed Palette, you’ll feel more mature and refined than ever before. Bring these sophisticated colors to your living room and office this year! These hues containing earthy tones and deep grays giving any room an essence of wisdom and elegance.


Choosing the proper paint colors and accent colors for your home’s interior can work wonders for its appearance. It can make the space feel bigger, cozier and more like your own.

Try using these popular palettes for 2017 to bring the change in your home that you desire!

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