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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Sidewalk Entrance

A walkway is not only important for providing you with a safe, dry path to your home – it also serves as an invitation to your guests.


The better looking your sidewalk is, the more welcoming it is, and with a little maintenance, your walkway will gladly direct and welcome your house guests year round! Here are ideas from the most basic to the most creative styles that you can easily do yourself!

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Amazing Mobile Home Remodel Photos

Over time, the terms transformed into “manufactured homes.” With this shift in terms (because of the HUD Code) came more customized and attractive single wide and double wide homes that accommodate growing families and varying tastes in décor.


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Maximizing Your Downsize: What Possessions To Pitch


Ask anybody having a garage or yard sale and they’ll tell you how nice it is to get rid of stuff you don’t need. Ever since the size of homes starting rising in the 70’s, Americans have found more things to fill their larger and larger houses.


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Your Finances, The National Interest Rate and Buying a Home

So you’re ready to buy a home. By now, you’ve probably heard a million stories from friends, family and unsolicited eavesdroppers about the joys and horrors involved. The truth is every home buying experience is unique!


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1 Crazy Simple Trick to Heat Your Manufactured Home with Your Ceiling Fan (And 3 Other Ceiling Fan Hacks)

It’s February and spring is indeed coming, but for now, it’s still cold! We all know that ceiling fans can add much needed relief on hot, humid days, but did you know that they can also help warm your manufactured or modular home in the winter?

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How to Locate Water Shutoff Valves In Any Home

 Although we’re now in March, winter is still in full swing for some of you, so frozen water pipes are something to watch for! If you’ve ever had a busted pipe, then you understand the importance of not waiting until the last minute to learn about the piping in your home!

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