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Top Tips from Current Clayton Homeowners

Recently, we asked some of our Clayton homeowners to describe their lives after their purchase. We wanted their feedback on what it’s like to live under their new roof and maintain their new Clayton Built® home so that we could use their answers to better serve you.


We asked them, “If you could give a new homeowner one home maintenance tip, what would it be?” Whether you are looking to buy or have already purchased a Clayton home, take a look at their top home maintenance tips to help keep your house clean.   


  1. Be proactive. Not reactive.
Sweeping Manufactured Home Floor

This holds true when it comes to every aspect of new home maintenance, and over a third of Clayton customers mentioned the benefits of proactively cleaning and checking your home!


On a weekly basis, you should clean your countertops, vacuum, mop and dust so dirt doesn’t build up. You should also handle any problems that may arise as soon as possible, referring to your homeowner’s manual or calling your home consultant for help.


  1. Be patient during on-site completion of construction.

Homeowners Watching Home Set Up


Set up and on-site home completion can take time because this home is your investment. The site preparation and on-site construction teams will take their time to ensure your home is properly installed.


Following the installation and during the walk-through, you should ask the team members any new mobile home maintenance and repair questions you have.


  1. Be ready for changing seasons.

Homeowner Cleaning Window


Some maintenance tasks can be easily forgotten when you’re focused on weekly cleaning. Keeping a seasonal mobile home maintenance checklist helps you know when to clean, check and replace certain items. This will help you stay on top of cleaning your gutters, wall boards, dryer vent, hot water heater, vinyl siding and more.   


  1. Routinely change air filters.

Removing Air Filter Grill


Add this one to the top of your new home maintenance checklist. Dirt and dust will build up over time in any home, whether it’s site-built, modular or manufactured. By knowing how often to change the air filter in your house, you will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the home.


As a rule of thumb, you should routinely change your manufactured home’s filter every 30-90 days to keep your HVAC system in great shape.


  1. Check the smoke detector battery.

Checking Mobile Home Smoke Detector


To protect your family and home, you should change the smoke detector’s batteries annually. Commit to changing it on your annual spring cleaning day to make it easier to remember!



  1. Take care of the exterior.

Manufactured Home Porch and Exterior


Clayton’s most common siding material, vinyl siding, is durable, resilient and is required to be designed to meet wind zone requirements1, but it will still require routine care. After snowy winters or summer hail storms, you should clean and check all sides of the home.


If you find small dents or cracks, don’t fret just yet. Luckily, it isn’t a hard fix. You can easily replace the vinyl siding and learn how to clean the outside of your home.


You can also prevent siding staining by trimming back plants from around your home, and many homeowners say to make sure you clean pollen off your home exterior.


  1. Take care of your carpet.

Cleaning Carpet Dirt Stain


One of the most important home maintenance tips from Clayton homeowners involves cleaning your carpet. Many homeowners emphasize how quickly carpet can wear, so take preventative measures by asking guests to remove their shoes or give them the subtle hint and keep a welcome mat at the door. And if an accident occurs, act fast and use the proper carpet cleaner to attack the stain before it sets!  


These tips were the most common tips that current Clayton homeowners wish they could tell new home buyers as they begin their journey to homeownership. You can follow their tips to enjoy your home for years to come. All it takes is some regular maintenance and care.


Are you ready to call a new Clayton manufactured home your own?  Enjoy lifelong memories and the pride of homeownership with a PrefabulousTM home that perfectly fits your family’s needs. Start your new home maintenance by caring for your manufactured home carpet, and get your free carpet care guide to maximize the life of your flooring.


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1. Part 3280 Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. PDF: 19. HUD, 2017.

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