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Tips to Plan and Save For a Home Remodel



Most would agree that the scariest part about remodeling your home is going over your budget. It seems like no matter what kind of precautions are taken, you still end up spending more than you want or had originally planned.


But with a well mapped out strategy, you should be able to keep your mobile home remodel at an affordable cost! Here are a few tips to help you save a little during your remodel.


1. Do Your Research



Before you have even started remodeling, look around at local home improvement stores for the best deals and specials. You can even ask them when their next sale is coming up and what it will be on.


Patience is key, so wait for the best deal to come along because whether you’re wanting to turn a bedroom into an office or wanting to redo your kitchen countertops, remember you’re trying to save.


If you happen to find a deal that will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, plan the rest of your remodel timeline around it.



2. Start Small



Besides the larger projects that you’re able to find great deals on, the next most important tasks should be the ones that will immediately start saving you money, such as replacing your windows with low-e windows, painting your front door or trim or upgrading to ENERGY STAR®* certified appliances.


Complete projects that can help save you money for other renovations or think about smaller projects that you can do yourself.



3. Find the Right Contractor



If you can’t complete a project yourself or second-guess your ability in any way, look for an expert! Contractors may charge less if they are in need of work, so start looking for one about a month or two before or after everyone else is working on similar renovations.


Compare a few different contractors while also taking into account their references, experiences and other factors.



4. Use a Budget Sheet to Plan


Since you’re trying to save money, try using a free budget sheet from Rachel Rossi to map out your remodel plan and keep it updated as you go!


Use these tips to do a mobile home remodel the smart way and save money over time! Check out some of our favorite manufactured home remodels in the meantime for inspiration. 


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*ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


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