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Tips for Creating a Stylish Home for the Holidays

Happy Holidays! The winter holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year to make some changes to our home and to celebrate the season.


Start With Small Decorating Changes

Manufactured Home Model Kitchen and Dining RoomBefore


Clayton Homes of Desoto asked me to add a Lifestylist® touch to the Drake model by Clayton, and I thought I’d try a few different looks!


Christmas Plaid Decoration on Mobile Home Kitchen IslandAfter


The Drake model is one of my favorite floor plans. The large island, open floor plan and windows that let in lots of natural light made it the perfect choice for our holiday home.


Everything that I used for decor came from local discount shops or my own collection so it was very affordable, which means you can transform your home for the holidays in an affordable way, too. 


First, Traditional Christmas Decor

Before Christmas Decorating in Drake Dining RoomBefore


For the traditional red plaid design, I changed out the plates, napkins and accessories to give a warm, inviting feel to the home.


Christmas Tree in Dining Room Set TableAfter


The tree I added to the center of the dining table was just big enough to display a collection of RV ornaments.


Traditional Christmas Look Living Room and Coffee TableAfter


I loved the difference that a few red floral arrangements made to the feel of the home, and pillows are always an inexpensive way to add flair and character to any room.


Next, Modern Winter Textures

Contemporary Neutrals Mobile Home Living Room Christmas Decor


The “White Christmas” look is more contemporary with neutral colors and a lot of emphasis on textures.


Christmas Buck Head on Mobile Home Coffee Table


I love the faux fur throw we found for the top of the cocktail table - it almost looks like snow! Mixing patterns, just like we did earlier with the more traditional look, gave the room a sophisticated look without much cost.


Easy Holiday Decorating Takeaways 

Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect holiday look for your home! And as you decorate your home and start wrapping gifts for friends and family, check out our Clayton Spotify playlist.



Enjoy a little holiday cheer with us as you implement these decorating tips and transform your home into a holiday wonderland.


1. Use Something Old, Something New

Clayton Christmas 16 352.jpg


The holiday season is all about making memories, and I love bringing out some of my favorite holiday pieces and to share them with others. They are also a great starting place for creating a theme!


2. Choose a Color Scheme and Stick To It

Red Santa Pillows Living Room Theme


It’s really easy to find a sale and think you need to buy everything that’s a great deal, but if you decide on a color scheme stick to your plan, you will end up with only the things that mean something to you and work well together.


3. Consider: What’s Your Message?

Holiday Trailer on a Coffee Table


My family ornaments and decorations have no rhyme or reason, but when I’m buying new items I try to stick with a specific theme that means something to me. For example, I’m madly in love with vintage RVs, so I’ve been collecting them for a long time.


I also like decorating small trees in different rooms that all have their own themes, so  this year I’ve added a cooking themed tree. It makes it really easy for people to purchase small gifts for me that they know will mean something!

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