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The Truth About Manufactured Home Safety and Value

There are a lot of misunderstandings about manufactured and modular homes. Many times, home buyers shy away from prefabricated homes because they fear they are not safe or durable!


However, manufactured and modular homes are strong, durable and built to specific building standards.


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It’s good to be cautious, but learning about the safety and durability of prefabricated homes just might make you change your mind on some of those fears you may have.


Check out this information on the safety of prefabricated homes and see why we are so crazy about them!


Truth About Safety Inspections

Safety Inspector Checking Interior


Site built construction codes are determined by state and local governments, which means home builders must have their homes inspected by municipal inspectors and they are not required to have a third-party inspector.


This puts more responsibility on the home buyer to hire a third-party inspector to evaluate their new site built home.


Safety Inspection Manufactured Home


However, manufactured home builders are required to have a third-party inspector evaluate each home at some point in the construction process before it leaves the facility.


This, along with numerous internal inspections, ensures that the home is built correctly before it leaves the home building facility!


Truth About Safety During Storms

Storm coming over field


You’ve probably heard that prefabricated homes are not safe during storms, but that isn’t the case.


In a 2007 guidance on reducing damage to new manufactured homes during high wind events, FEMA noted that newer manufactured homes (homes built and installed to the 1994 HUD standard) performed better than older manufactured homes in high wind speeds.


Manufactured Home Foundation


Of course, manufactured homes can still experience wind damage, but FEMA noted that direct damage to manufactured homes (damage to the home itself and not damage resulting from failures in the home’s anchorage system which is unique to manufactured homes) is comparable to the direct damage site built homes experience during high winds.


Check out how manufactured homes lasted during Hurricane Irma in fall 2017 by watching this video from the Florida Manufactured Housing Association!




Truth About Value Over Time

Older Couple in front of Manufactured Home


You may have also heard that all prefabricated homes depreciate in value, leaving many home buyers discouraged about buying a manufactured home.


As with site built homes, appreciation of a manufactured home depends on a combination of factors like the home’s condition, the home’s location, amenities available in that location and the supply and demand in the housing market for the home and its features.


Building Value Over Time

Manufactured Home with Porch on Land


One key factor is owning land with your home. As found by the Consumers Union in a 2003 study regarding manufactured home appreciation, ownership of the land on which the home is placed can boost the overall appreciation of your home!


Changing Manufactured Home Air Filter Maintenance


Another key factor in maintaining the value of your home is making sure to take the proper steps to take care of your home.


You can be comforted knowing that your manufactured home will not only last, but also will be a solid investment if you decide to move, allowing you to sell it to another family looking for innovative housing.


Go For It!

Small Manufactured Home on Property with Porch


There’s no need to fear prefabricated housing! Due to the innovative home building process, manufactured homes are a great investment and a wonderful housing option for your family.

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