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Storing and Organizing Outdoor Camping Equipment

Organizing camping and outdoor gear at home can be one of the most difficult household tasks around. Whether you’re simply putting it away until your next camping trip or you’re storing it until next season, it seems like it never gets easier.


On the bright side, it can be done, and we’re here to help guide you on how to store your camping equipment. It doesn’t matter if you live in a manufactured home that doesn’t have a garage, a designer cottage or an apartment in the city because we’ve even got storage ideas for small spaces.


Use these tips to keep your largest, most important camping gear in top shape while also keeping it organized:


Best Ways to Store Outdoor Camping Equipment


Sleeping Bag

If you have a natural or synthetic down sleeping bag, you should store it uncompressed by hanging it on a clothes hanger or loosely tossed into a large bag.


When you casually stuff your sleeping back into a sack, excess moisture and dirt can clump together, compromising the “loft,” aka its fluffiness, and prevent its ability to trap your body’s warmth.


*Obviously, a sleeping bag or a hammock that is designed to be stuffed into a pouch can easily be stored away there.


Hammocks hanging between trees with a prefabricated home in the background.


Camping Stove

In my opinion, a stove is one of the most valuable parts to your camping gear because being able to make good food is very important. So, at the end of each camping season, it’s essential to thoroughly clean your stove of grease and other debris. This can help preserve the gas valves, grates and finish of your stove.


Once it’s cleaned, dried and disconnected from the gas, you can either store it in a garbage bag or large Ziploc (depending on the size), then place it in a plastic bin to ensure it’s clean and ready to go next camping season!


Getting Organized

For the most part, everything you use for camping can be grouped into one of these three categories:


  • Cooking
  • Sleeping
  • Outdoor activities.


With that in mind, you could use 3 plastic tubs to keep your camping gear separated and stored during the off-season. If that doesn’t provide enough storage space, then you could consider getting several tubs with 3 different colors or brands, one for each category.


As for the “outdoor activities” section, you could include items such as your bird book, binoculars, fishing and hunting accessories.


Also, it would probably be smart to keep items such as your tent, the stakes and other tools used to set up camp together, so you have easy access to them next season.


By placing outdoor cooking ware together, you surely won’t forget anything important at home and you’ll be a happy camper (literally) when it’s time to cook! Plus, your utensils and other equipment will be neatly organized and won’t have dust on them.


Campers preparing to cook with outdoor stove.


Where to Store Camping Equipment

Three square built-in cabinets in the wall.


For those of you that may need storage ideas for small spaces, utilizing your shelving units could be your best bet. Using a built-in storage area like the one pictured below could help you be more organized while also keeping your camping gear safely put away.


Closet with shelving unit and barn door.


A home with storage cabinets or with a large closet gives you plenty of camping equipment storage opportunities, if you’re creative enough.


Utility room with granite countertops and numerous shelves.


Homes with utility rooms can also be great for storing camping gear and equipment. For example, *The Patriot collection has homes that are perfect for bringing out your inner outdoorsman. They feature spacious utility rooms that give you plenty of options to store your gear properly, as well as added closet spaces.


Stop by your local home center to a find home in your area that has plenty of space for your gear. Then get to packing and organizing your camping gear, so you will be able to enjoy the simplicity of having exactly what you need, when you head out for your next adventure!




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*The Patriot collection consists of Clayton Built® homes built by one of our many manufacturers that are offered through participating independent valued retail partners.



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