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The Messy Girl's Guide to Easy Closet Organization

If you are like me and organization isn’t your strong suit, then join me on my quest to organize my small closet!


Steps to Cleaning A Messy Person’s Closet

1. Clean Out Your Closet

Empty Walk-In Closet

When you clean out your closet, you will be amazed at the treasures you find, like your long lost favorite sweater! Donate other items items that you don’t wear or use anymore. This will free up space to help you organize your closet. When you get organized, you save yourself time and space!


2. Mount a Pegboard

Necklace Jewelery Hanging on Peg Board

This is a great option if you have lots of necklaces or jewelry. Not only do you get to display all your cool jewelry, but you can actually see it and are more likely to wear it.


3. Hang an Over The Door Hanger

Over the door hooks for closet


This is one of my favorite ways to utilize space. I have an over the door shoe rack that I love.

You can place shoes in the shoe rack, but I use mine to store hats, scarves and other knick-knacks.


Over the door hooks, as featured above, are another great way to hang up clothes and not use any extra space. I really like to hang my robe or the clothes I am going to wear the next day on these hooks.


4. Hang a Chain

Yes, a chain. I know it doesn’t seem like it should go in a girl’s closet, but it does.

Hang the chain from a hook on your door or your closet rod. After you place it where you like, you can hang more clothes from the chain loops! It is an awesome way to make space for clothes when you don’t have any extra room.


5. Mount Single and Double Rods

single rod and double rods in walk-in closet

Single and double rods do a great job of breaking up your closet. You can put a single rod in the middle of your closet and hang up the clothes you wear the most.


The items that you use the most or wear the most are best to keep at eye level so you can keep up with them. I like to hang up my clothes in my closet on the rods that way I can see what I have to wear.


Next, put the double rod above eye level and hang seasonal items that you don’t use as much on it. You can get coats, sweaters and scarves off your closet floor and hang them in your closet with a double rod!


6. Use Some Hooks

Hooks are cheap, and you can hang them anywhere in your closet. They are great at getting clothes off the floor as well as backpacks, purses and belts.


I hope you have enjoyed my quest for organization in this messy world. For me, keeping my closet organized is a challenge. I hope these tips will make your life a little easier and a little more organized!

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