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The Hidden Costs of Clutter and How Living in a Tiny Home Helps

One reason many people move into tiny homes is because they want a simpler lifestyle. Moving into a tiny home under 500 square feet or even a small house around 1,000 square feet is downsizing for many Americans.


By necessity, you’ll have to declutter and get rid of extra stuff around the house if you downsize to a tiny home. The great thing is, going tiny and getting organized can save you from the real costs of clutter; your time, money and mental stress!


5 Unexpected Ways Clutter Can Cost You


1. Valuable Space

Clayton Designer Series Tiny Home Living Room & Kitchen


Why pay taxes for space you’re using as storage? Get rid of that clutter and enjoy the space you're paying for, or get rid of that clutter and downsize!


2. Time

Designer Tiny Home Living Room and Front Door

With the time that you spend looking for items and moving items around, you could be enjoying your family and friends or even turning your time into money. The time I waste searching through my many disorganized craft boxes could be used actually creating crafts to give as presents or to sell. Instead, I waste time searching…and time is money!




Slicing Vegetables to avoid going bad kitchen clayton homes


When your pantry or fridge is so full or disorganized that you can’t see or remember what food you have, then food ends up going bad or expiring before you get to eat it. So much for that old box of Spanish rice or those grapes you forgot were hiding in the back of the refrigerator.



4. Daily Health

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Disorganization can actually lead to mental stress which can:


  • Cause stress eating, addictive habit formation or other unhealthy responses
  • Keep you from cooking because your kitchen is too unorganized and then you eat out and hurt both your health and wallet
  • Make you avoid spending time at home which could hurt your relationships and could mean you spend extra money by going anywhere but home
  • Cause dust and allergens to gather in your home because you can’t reach nooks and crannies or it’s too difficult to clean everything


This doesn't have to be your story though if you downsize, simplify and force yourself to remain organized!


5. Mental Damage

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Too much clutter can take away from feeling productive, cause a negative mindset, rob your motivation and happiness or even limit your relationships with others. These effects are difficult to measure, but they are realities that could be caused by disorganization and clutter.


How Tiny Home Living Could Help


In a tiny space, you’ll be forced to be organized and get rid of junk! According to Inhabitat, people say that in an organized space they feel:


  • 83% more productive
  • 71% more accomplished
  • 68% more in control of life
  • 43% more relaxed




Why not feel great at home? You can be proud of your home, in control and more relaxed when you downsize, organize and declutter.


Going tiny and decluttering can mean something a little different for everyone, but no matter what, downsizing to living in a tiny house can help you:


  • Spend less time searching for lost items
  • Greatly reduce your weekly home maintenance
  • Have open space to entertain and enjoy your home
  • Keep from buying duplicates or triplicates of items you couldn’t find
  • Save you money by not paying for as large of a home
  • Promote a healthier, cleaner home environment


We know that you can create a pretty incredible life from a humble beginning and that less really is more. Maximizing space in a cozy home with all the features you need and love could be just what you need to declutter and destress. Find a beautiful Designer Series tiny home to call your own and begin your tiny lifestyle!

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