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Stop Renting! Why Buying a Manufactured Home is a Great First Investment

Purchasing a home is a huge life decision, and understanding what you’re getting when you buy your first house is important for being ready for your investment. If you’re currently renting and want to begin putting money toward something you can call your own, purchasing a manufactured home is a great investment in your future!


Paying For Something To Call Your Own

Are you worried about what seem like hefty upfront costs compared to renting and low rental deposits? Yes, knowing when you are ready to purchase a home is a challenge, but knowing which upfront costs you should expect buying your first house is a good way to make your home buying journey an enjoyable one.


Some of the upfront home buying costs and considerations you can expect when you buy your first home include:


  1. Having Enough Funding For Your Home Deposit
  2. Paying for a Home Inspection
  3. Paying for Closing Costs
  4. Having Enough Cash Reserves


Although these costs may seem significant, they are small compared to the monthly cost of renting a home or apartment that never becomes your own. When you pay monthly toward a manufactured home, you are paying for a home that you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime!


Paying for a Quality HUD Code Home

All Clayton manufactured homes are built to Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards or HUD Code.


HUD Code Certification Plate


This requires manufactured homes to be built to Minimum Property Standards (MPS), which is a set of building requirements that even includes durability guidelines to ensure homes’ value and sturdiness.


To make sure every home is properly built, walkthroughs are performed in each home before it leaves the facility.  During each walkthrough, we have inspectors make sure each home meets all HUD Code requirements and that all of your specific home customizations are completed properly.


Inspector in Manufactured Home Kitchen


This means when your first home purchase is a manufactured home, you invest in a quality home that meets, and often exceeds, federal building standards!



Paying for a Home Untouched by the Elements

Because Clayton Built® homes are built in a climate-controlled, advanced building facility, they’re only exposed to things like modern machinery, the hands of trained team members and the gaze of our inspectors. A Clayton manufactured home is not exposed to elements that could be harmful to the home or hinder the building process.


 Building a home indoors, untouched by the elements means constructing a home for you and your family that is precise, pristine and beautiful.



Paying for Beautiful, Affordable Features

Manufactured Home Sink Supply


Because we purchase quality, brand name home building materials in bulk, we are able to save money on building costs. We take these savings and pass them on to you, which you see reflected in our affordable home prices. This lets you get the most home for your money!



Paying for a Home Built by Experts

Manufactured Home Building Facility Interior


Our trained team members build each part of the home precisely so that your walls, roof, flooring and favorite features come together to create the home of your dreams. Not only do these skilled craftsmen across the U.S. carefully craft each manufactured home to meet our commitment to strength and durability, but they know how to customize our homes to homeowners’ specifications and create homes for families to enjoy for a lifetime.


Young couple Enjoying Manufactured Homeownership


When you stop renting and decide to make your first house a manufactured home, you make the decision to invest in a home that you can enjoy for a lifetime. You get to stop making monthly payments toward something that will never be yours and start investing in a smart housing option. The best part is that you get a beautiful, affordable slice of the world you get to call your own!

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