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Spring Gardening Ideas: Top 10 Flowers to Plant for Spring Spirit

Spring is here and we are excited to enjoy the warmer weather! Enjoying your home in the spring is more than getting to sit on the porch or crack open the windows. It also means getting outside and trying your hand at some landscaping!


We have created some easy spring flower gardening ideas so that you can make your home just as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.


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Spring Perennial Flowers to Plant


  1. Adenophora - ‘Fairybells Gaudi Violet’

This beautiful, free-flowering violet flower is sure to get your garden in the spring spirit. Its drooping, bell-shaped flowers can add an elegant touch to your landscape that will last from early summer to fall.


  1. Lilac

With its sweet fragrance and soft color, Lilac shrubs remain a spring favorite every year. Lilacs most often come in purple and are low maintenance, making them easy to care for if you like to keep gardening simple.


  1. Daffodils

Classic and never out of style, daffodils can bring a nice touch to your spring gardening and landscaping this season. This flower is loved for its trumpet shaped structure that is set against a star-shaped background of petals.


  1. Coreopsis Sunkiss

Noted for its illuminating yellow and blotched center, this perennial is sure to be a favorite for its resemblance to the sun. What better way to brighten up your landscape this spring than with golden blooms?


  1. Roses

Best planted later in the spring, roses are timeless and will give your landscape a classic look as well. Use red for a romantic feel or other colors to add variety to your landscape.


  1. Blue Enchantress Hydrangea

With a full clustered head of flowers, this hydrangea is sure to fluff up your landscape. The striking blue of the petals contrasts eloquently against the dark stems and leaves, and will even re-bloom for your pleasure.



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Other Flowers to Plant for Spring Spirit


  1. Pansy

Technically it’s a perennial, but normally pansies are planted as an annual or biennial flower. Because it thrives in cooler weather, the beginning of spring is the perfect time for pansy planting. The pansy is also a spring classic because of its variety in petal color and ease in planting. You can get a summer blooming variety or a winter blooming variety!


  1. Tulips

Tulips are often thought of as one of the identifiers that spring has arrived, so it is a staple flower to have in your lawn. Tulips also range in height giving you options on where and how you want to place them. However, planting tulip bulbs can be a trickier gardening technique though, and it usually happens at the end of fall, so start planning this summer on planting tulip bulbs for next year!


  1. Poppies

The popularity of poppies is often understated as this flower comes in many varieties and is native to many parts of the world. This flower’s bold colors make it a great filler flower, but it can also stand out on its own.


  1. Sweet Peas

There are a couple strains of perennial sweet peas, but most varieties are annual flowers. If you like a subtle, sweet scent, then you will love stepping outside with sweet pea flowers planted in your yard. You will want to plant these flowers early in the spring as they thrive in cooler weather. Many varieties will climb as they grow, so you’ll want to plant them along a fence or provide a trellis.


 Mobile Home Exterior and Porch Spring Landscaping

The AVD32703A model by Clayton


Create a bright and inviting exterior this spring by mixing and matching the flowers you love! You can even look into combining flower varieties that bloom at different times to ensure that you have pops of color all season long.


Spring gardening doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, whether you’re adding front porch landscaping, window box gardens or just want to line your walkway with floral flair. Use a couple of these flower varieties to personalize your home affordably!


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