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Spring Forward with 6 Master Bathroom Windows for Daylight Savings!

Spring means warmer weather, blooming flowers and longer sunny days. With daylight savings quickly approaching this Sunday, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the longer days by basking in the beautiful nature that surrounds you!


More time to spend outside or simply admiring Mother Nature is time well-spent. Springing forward will surely brighten your days, both figuratively and literally!

Spring Forward 2017 Master Bathroom Windows


As you begin to spring forward and get excited about the upcoming longer, brighter days that accompany daylight savings, take a look at some of our favorite master bathroom window designs! Letting light into your master bathroom can take it from drab to fab in seconds. So give yourself the gift of a luxury, light and airy bathroom that you love!


Lots of light can also instantly open up the space. In honor of daylight savings and the soon-to-come sunny days, check out how these luxury mobile home features help to illuminate and expand your master bathroom space.  

Windows for Light

Spring Forward 2017 Master Bathroom Windows

The Louis model by SEhomes


This gorgeous bathtub getaway in the Louis model by SEhomes is only made better by the panel window that sits directly above it. Let in plenty of light as you bask in your bathtub cove!


Windows for Privacy

Spring Forward 2017 Master Bathroom Windows

The Patriot Home model by Clayton


With The Patriot Home model by Clayton, you can enjoy privacy while still letting in an abundance of light! One slim window gives you the privacy needed for a bathtub while the other lets in light to fill the entire room. Two windows, a free-standing soaker tub and walk-in shower make for a relaxing and calming morning in this Clayton Built® master bath.


Wood Framed Windows

Spring Forward 2017 Master Bathroom WindowsThe Harding model by Clayton


This large, wood framed window helps pull together the classic feel of the master bathroom in the Harding model by Cavalier. Situated a few feet above, this gorgeous manufactured home window will separate you from the chaos of the world so you can admire the sunrise or sunset during your morning or evening soak!


Etched Glass Windows 

Spring Forward 2017 Master Bathroom Windows

The 43IMP30684AH model by SEhomes**


Clayton knows how to make its luxury mobile home features stand out against the rest! Etched, frosted glass windows are a subtle touch in the 43IMP30684AH model by SEhomes that makes all the difference in creating a light and airy yet private bathroom.


White Shiplap Window

Spring Forward 2017 Master Bathroom Windows

The Sterling model by SEhomes


This Clayton Built® master bathroom in the Sterling model by SEhomes allows you to bask in the sunlight with the added convenience of nearby cabinets! You’ll have a bright start to the day when greeted with a blue sky right outside your shiplap window above the bath.


Double Windows

Spring Forward 2017 Master Bathroom Windows

The Newport model by Schult**


Double the windows means double the light! This  master bathroom in the Newport model by Schult is super bright which makes it welcoming and spacious. With the light brown tile and hardwood floor, it could easily become dull, but the double windows make the space an inviting one.


Low-E Windows

Spring Forward 2017 Master Bathroom Windows


When you purchase select models from Clayton, you have the option to upgrade to Low-E windows. This green home feature will lessen the amount of air conditioning and heat that escapes from your manufactured home throughout the changing seasons.


As spring approaches and you’re focused on letting the sun into your home, you’ll also want to ensure your manufactured or modular home remains properly cooled and protected from UV rays so you’re comfortable and have long lasting flooring that doesn’t fade from the sun!


Get ready to open your windows and let the sun shine in your home with daylight savings this year. And don’t forget to set your clocks an hour ahead this Sunday!


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**This home model is not currently in production. Visit your local home center to see similar models available near you.

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