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Some of the Weirdest Lawn Art Ideas and Lawn Ornaments Across the Country

While most new homeowners are highly focused on finding the perfect furniture, artwork and rugs that will accentuate his/her taste, others have different concerns.


What’s the best way to make sure your home stands out from your neighbors’? Spice up the curb appeal and add some funky lawn decorations! And man, I found some really funky lawn ornaments. 


It’s no secret that those who enjoy lawn décor pride themselves in the multitude of trinkets that call their yard home, but let’s face it. Sometimes the line is crossed and this décor is not only odd, but also overwhelming.


For example, take a look at this Milwaukee home that went viral for its many varying weird lawn decorations. There’s everything from dinosaurs to sailboats!


Milwaukee weird lawn art and decor home dinosaurs and sailboatsPhoto from Huffington Post


We’ve found some of the wildest and funniest lawn decorations on the market for you to giggle at or for you to purchase for your own lawn! Take a look below at some of our favorites.


1. The Gnome

Breakdancing Lawn GnomeGnome Available at Wayfair


A classic yard decoration, lawn gnomes, have been around for years. Although they are no new novelty, these ornaments have changed in shape and style.


Who knew they could stand on their heads and breakdance?


And apparently gnomes can also be bikers. You can get a Biker Dude and Biker Babe gnome duo that will complement your own biker lifestyle.



2. Bigfoot

Send Him Packing Big Foot Yard SculptureBigfoot Available at Wayfair


While lawn gnomes may hold the name as one of the first in weird lawn art ideas, you have to remember it’s the 21st century and society’s creativity is only prospering more and more.


With this 147-pound bigfoot statue, your neighbors will be calling every relative and The Discovery channel to come take a look at your crazy lawn ornament.



3. The Biking Cow

Rainbow Cow Spinner Yard DecorationBiking Cow available at Collections Etc.


If you want to be subtle about your yard décor, don’t worry. There’s plenty of odd nick nacks that can find a grassy spot to call home.


This cow wind spinner can tell you when the wind’s blowing East or West, depending on which way he’s cycling. Who doesn’t love that for a funny garden stake?


4. The Glowing Nut

Glowing Nut Squirrel Lawn StatuePhoto by Terapeak 


If you’re looking to help out some squirrelly friends, your new yard pal is here! His acorn lights up, leading the way through the dusk to your garden or back porch.



5. Pet Replacement Pugs

Flying Pug Lawn DecorPug from Premier Kites


When it comes to funny animal yard décor, pugs are an extremely hot commodity.


Peeking Pug Over the Fence Lawn Ornament Decoration Pug available at Collections Etc.


They come in all different sizes and poses—everything from flying pugs to peeking pugs.


Peeing Pug Lawn Ornament Pug available at Collections Etc. 


There’s even a pug for when nature's calling! With so many different poses, it's like you don’t have to own a real dog!



6. Tea Time Stakes

DIY Teacup Lawn Decor


My mom spotted these in a yard while traveling. So if you’ve been thinking, “Enough with the animals! Show me the dinnerware,” don’t worry, the lawn art specialists have thought of it all. 




I'm not sure about the purpose of a sideways teacup since it can't even collect rain. But if you like to take your afternoon tea in your yard or garden, just pour your beverage into this teacup stake and enjoy. 


Whether you incorporate interesting lawn art into your landscaping or not, you can always make sure your home looks great by taking care of your lawn. Check out lawn care tips from blogger Kalley and keep your grass in supreme condition!


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