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A Perfect Porch for Every Season

Once Daylight Saving Time is in the foreseeable future, spring is just a hop, skip, and a jump away! Since the seasons seem to come and go so quickly, I’ve decided that we all need a way to slow down time, so we’re not all wishing we had five more minutes.


What better way to enjoy a sunrise or sunset than to be sitting outside the home of your dreams on a gorgeous porch?


This might be the first time you’ve thought of it this way, but a porch is an affordable feature that can become a big part of your family’s lifestyle and help you make priceless memories together.


Man and woman standing on the back porch of their manufactured modular home.


Check out these Prefabulous® Clayton homes with a perfect porch for every season of the year. These dreamy porches will allow you to relax and unwind all year long!


Timeless Wraparound Porch

Pleasant prefabricated home with a deck and a garden.

The Lulamae Model by Buccaneer


First and foremost, we’ll look at one of the most loved porches. The wraparound porch has the ability to extend the living area from inside your home to the great outdoors.


The porch pictured above is a great place to sit in a couple of comfy rocking chairs, enjoy the scenery or even take a break from doing your seasonal gardening.


Prefabricated home, with a unique porch, on a large piece of land in Texas.

The Cabin


If you’re like me, you appreciate a hot summer day from under a cool, shaded porch. This is one of the best manufactured home porches, in my opinion, because it provides plenty of space. You can enjoy everything from swinging on the porch swing to reading with your kiddos from season to season.


Focal Point Front Porch

Manufactured modular home in the fall time with a couple on the porch with their dog.

The Elite 60


A front porch is the first opportunity for you to make your guests feel at home! It’s a perfect spot to sit and socialize with all that pass by. Although a front porch typically has a classic design, each one presents you with an opportunity to use charming décor to make it your own and increase your home’s curb appeal. Plus, a welcoming porch is essential once Halloween rolls around!


Gorgeous manufactured home in the snow with a front porch featuring greenery and an attached garage.


As far as winter goes, porches may or may not be a part of your everyday lifestyle (unless you’re very lucky), but it still helps your home stand out with gorgeous winter décor! Whether you stick to one style or change it up as the winter drags on, a front porch like this is the perfect place to bundle up with a warm blanket and a hot cup of cocoa.


Two other types of porches that we haven’t mentioned yet are the screened porch and the back porch. These can also make great additions to a home, particularly if you love to entertain guests, because they also expand the area for gatherings.


Nevertheless, if you love to relax outside without going too far, a porch is the perfect home feature for you. Stop by your local home center to take a tour of our fully furnished homes and check out the porches we have available in your area. Let us help you find the home of your dreams today!




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