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Tips From Tiny Homes for Saving Space in Your Dorm Room

You are about to head off to your first year of college! Everything is new, fun and exciting, but first, you have to get through the dreaded dorm move-in day.


Due to the fact that most dorm rooms have minimal space, you need to arrive fully prepared. Our Clayton Designer Series tiny homes have taught us how to get the most out of a small living space by planning for every square inch, so we want to share some of our best tips with you!


If you plan out every inch of your new home, you’ll have no problem staying neat and organized. Whether you’re a first-year college student moving into a 10-by-15 cement room or a homeowner looking to organize your tight space, follow these tips to make your home comfortable and clutter-free.


Loft Your Bed

Clayton Model Tiny Home Kitchen Lofted Space


THOWs (Tiny House on Wheels) and PMRVs (Park Model RV) are known for their efficient use of floor space. If you have a lofted area located above the kitchen, using it as a separate sleeping area for kids or guests is a perfect space solution.


Lofted Dorm Room Bed Bedroom OrganizationFrom Bottled Creativity


We suggest lofting your dorm bed so you can use the area under it as an entertainment space or for more storage. Most college housing departments have lofting kits and provide beds to accommodate whatever height you want. You can also purchase bed risers.


You can even use this newly found space under your bed to create a cozy study nook for your all-nighters. Place your desk under it and use the surrounding area to store books and binders in a plastic drawer unit.


Stack and Store

Clayton Designer Tiny Home Kitchen Appliances


When it comes to storage, you have to get pretty creative in your small space! An age-old method is stacking. In our tiny homes, we stack our appliances and cabinets so they take up less space.


Stack Dorm Microwave Fridge DeskPhoto from The Lovely Side


Use this same stacking method in your dorm room for every nook and cranny to make sure all of your things fit neatly. Stack your microwave on top of your fridge, but don’t stop there.


You can purchase a small stacking drawer unit to store all of your snacks and utensils on top. These are the perfect size to store anything from Goldfish to extra school supplies on your desk. Or keep locker organizers from middle school and high school to stack on your desk shelves or in your closet for more storage.


Repurpose Shoe Racks

Shoe Rack Organizer RepurposedFrom It's All In My Head


Sure, you can use over the door hanging shoe organizers for shoes, but there’s much more that they can be used for depending on your needs.


If a bin stacked on top of the microwave isn’t enough space for your snacks, designate each pocket of a shoe rack for a different snack! There’s plenty of space to turn this shoe rack into a second pantry in either your home or your dorm closet.


Extra clothing items can even be folded and stored in larger expandable cubbies. Try using them to store beauty essentials such as your hairdryer, curling irons, brushes and makeup. This will help you keep extra items out of sight and make your room clutter-free.


Use Your Wall Space



Use your wall space to keep on top of your to-do list and add a decorative touch to your space. Use a cork board to post your important syllabi and project guidelines. You can also hang pictures and notes from it. 


Command strips and a dry erase calendar will make sure you stay on top of all of your new club commitments and school assignments. Just be careful how you hang your boards because you don't want to get charged for paint damage to your dorm walls at the end of the year.


Dorm Room Christmas Lights Decor Hang PicturesPhoto from One Kindesign


To give your dorm room a cozy and homey feel, hang Christmas lights all around the top of the walls using command hooks. Then repurpose the lights and hang pictures from the lights using clothespins.


Optimizing your small space can be tricky, but if you follow these few tips and add some space saving tiny home furniture, you won’t have a problem making your new dorm room a home-away-from-home with plenty of space for your essentials.


And if you figure out how to thrive in your dorm room, maybe a tiny home really is perfect for you. Take the quiz to find out which tiny home you are!
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