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Reasons to Get Durable Vinyl Flooring in Your Manufactured Home

One of the most exciting parts of choosing your dream home are the options you have right under your toes. From hardwood, tile and vinyl, the world is yours!


With many manufactured and modular homes, vinyl flooring is one of the biggest home building materials that the housing industry uses, and many Clayton homes use vinyl for flooring! But what is so great about vinyl floors?


Vinyl Flooring Manufactured Home


Perks of Vinyl Flooring


  • Softer surface 
Vinyl flooring offers a softer surface than other options such as wood. It usually has a thin layer of felt or foam which gives it more flexibility and lets it stand for longer periods of time.


  • Style and affordability
Vinyl can even sometimes mimic other styles such as tile or hardwood without the same cost!


  • Strength and durability 
Vinyl flooring also holds up for a long time, and sometimes can last for decades! If you have an active family or rough pets, vinyl may work better with your family's lifestyle and stay in great condition longer than carpet.


  • Humidity protection 
Vinyl can be great in rooms that may host a lot of moisture. You can be sure that vinyl flooring and PVC backing material combinations that we use in homes will hold up well even when it is exposed to steam or water.


  • Easy to clean
Easy to clean and in style? What more could you want! Vinyl flooring is simple to maintain, requiring just needing to be swept or mopped on occasion.



You Have Options 


Vinyl flooring also has lots of different options to choose from depending on the look you want. Many of our home building facilities offer vinyl sheet flooring in different styles. Some even offer vinyl that looks like wood plank! Some of our home building facilities also offer vinyl squares as an option, kind of like tiling.


Talk to your home consultant about what vinyl flooring options your manufacturer offers so you can get the beautiful vinyl floor you want in your dream home!

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