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Raise the Refund - Clayton's Latest Sale

This tax season, get movin’ and groovin’ into a brand new, energy efficient home. Tax refund season is approaching, and we know you are looking to take your refunds to the next level.

Do just that during Clayton Homes’ “Raise the Refund” Sale. Starting January 1 and continuing through April 30, boogie down with tons of bargains on new Energy Smart Homes starting under $60,000.*


Raise the Refund Clayton Homes Sale


*Starting sales prices are for the home only and do not include delivery, installation or other costs such as taxes, title fees, insurance premiums, filing or recording fees, land or land improvements, optional home features or installation services, wheels and axles, or any other items not shown on your Sales Agreement, Retailer Closing Agreement and related documents (your SA/RCA). Homes starting at under $60,000 with the Energy Smart package will vary by retailer and state.  See your local Clayton Family of Brands retailer for selection of homes on sale and complete pricing details.


 Why Should You “Raise Your Refund”?

Owning a home is the ultimate dream for many Americans, but some become intimidated by the process. Let Clayton Homes help you make this dream a reality in 2018! So, why should you Raise your Refund?


  • Raise the Refund to find a safe place for your family to call home
  • Raise the Refund to make an affordable and stylish home your own
  • Raise the Refund to get energy efficient appliances
  • Raise the Refund to score a great deal on a home under $60,000*


According to recently released data by the IRS, the average taxpayer who received a refund in 2017 collected $2,763, which is an increase from $2,711 in 2016.1 That is a nice chunk of change, and if invested correctly, it could get you the home of your dreams.


Raise the Refund Clayton Homes Sale


By raising your refund and investing in a quality built manufactured home, you will have a place for your family to live for years to come. Instead of spending your tax refund on small items, invest your money on the home of your dreams. You can do this by putting your refund toward a deposit, moving costs, new furniture, etc.


Why Buy a Clayton Home This Tax Season?

If you do choose to use your tax refund toward a new home, manufactured and modular homes are the perfect place to start your search. Not only are manufactured homes an affordable option, by choosing a Clayton Built® home, you are ensured a modern, strong and durable place for your family to call home.


With hundreds of home options, you will easily find the perfect match to suit all of your family’s unique needs. Many of our homes offer customizable options and state-of-the-art features including energy efficient appliances and pet-friendly options.



New Year, New Home!

Clayton Raise the Refund Home Sale


Make the dream of homeownership come true in 2018 during our Raise the Refund Sale! Visit your local home center to discover the wide array of options available to suit all your family’s needs.


The team at your local home center will be there from the start to guide you through the entire home buying journey. A friendly home consultant will help you find a great deal and get you in your dream home sooner than you know it.


If you are unable to visit your local home center, check out the home center’s “Sale Homes” page on their website. Browsing online can help you find stunning homes for under $60,000* this season. Don’t forget to follow your local home center’s social media accounts for posts on new homes, impressive options and exciting events for the entire family.


Become a new homeowner during Clayton’s Raise the Refund Sale. To learn more about these spectacular deals, visit your local home center or discover more Raise the Refund Sale information online.

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  1. "IRS Sees Millions of Tax Returns Last Days of Tax Filing Season." Internal Revenue Service. April 25, 2017. Accessed January 09, 2018.


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