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Prefabricated Home Interiors for Every Home Decor Style

Clayton Built® homes have come a long way since we handed our first customer the key to their home in 1966. They’re no longer steel-box trailers or mobile homes. They’ve become quality built, affordable homes for people in every season of life.


Now, there is a Clayton home that meets every style preference, whether you lean toward the modern style, swoon over shiplap and farmhouse features, relish in the simplicity of minimalism or embrace nature’s influence in a bohemian style. Once you find your style, you’ll see that there is something for everyone in a Clayton Built® home.


Modern Style Home Features


mobile home decor


Fireplaces are one upgrade option that many home buyers look for when purchasing their home, and they fit perfectly with the modern, welcoming style.


mobile home fireplace-1


Space, space and more space. A common feature in modern style manufactured homes is a walk-in closet that dreams are made of!


mobile home closet


There is something so precious about sitting down for breakfast with your family, am I right? These cozy breakfast nooks are a great option, especially for families. They also are a great architectural feature in your home.


built in breakfast nook



Farmhouse Style Home Features


farmhouse style throw pillows

Farm style sinks, also known as farmhouse sinks, are very trendy right now. However, they are also a classic, timeless look that will be a standout feature in your home for years to come.


mobile home kitchen sink

Barn doors can be another interesting focal point in your home. They add a little color and texture and contrast to typical, plain ole’ drywall.


interior barn doors

Oh shiplap, how we love you! Adding a shiplap wall to your entertainment center is a subtle, gorgeous way to incorporate the trend into your farmhouse style home.


shiplap entertainment wall



Minimalist Style Home Features


minimalist kitchen design

The minimalist home décor style has become increasingly popular in the last few years. With that comes the new fairly new territory of smart home features. These features, like key-less entry, smart thermostats  and charging stations are a great way to mesh your tech-loving side with your minimalist side. AND you don’t have to worry about locking your keys in your house!


mobile home smart thermostat-1

There is something very sleek about stainless steel appliances. They can instantly streamline your kitchen and give it a very clean, simple feel.

mobile home kitchen appliances


One aspect of a minimalist home style is clear surfaces. This can be difficult to do in the kitchen with all of the appliances and plugs. These hideaway outlets are amazing. They give you access to an outlet when you need it and then, they drop right back into the counter when you’re done, giving you those clear countertops that minimalists love so much!



Bohemian Style Home Features


mobile home wood stove

Energy efficiency is an important home feature to a lot of home buyers for a lot of different reasons. Clayton Built® homes are now available to be ENERGY STAR® certified. This gives you piece of mind that your home was built with effective insulation, high-performance windows, tight construction and tight ducts, and energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, which helps your budget and the environment in the long run!


mobile home low e window

ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered trademarks owned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Pets are more than just furry friends, they’re part of the family. We love that Clayton offers pet features (like this pet washing station!) to make your pal feel at home from the moment they walk in.


home dog washing station

Who are we kidding? These built-in wine coolers are a feature that works for every home décor style!

kitchen wine refrigerator


As you can see there are Clayton home features for every style and every family member, pets included! With top of the line functions, both standard and upgrade, everyone can feel at home when it’s Clayton Built®.



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