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Kitchen Features That Make Holiday Cooking Easier this Friendsgiving

Whether you’re hosting a formal family Thanksgiving meal for 30 or a casual, laid-back Friendsgiving with just a few close friends, the pressure of cooking for the masses and putting an event together can be overwhelming.


In this three-part series we’ll walk you through hosting the perfect gathering no matter your style.


Everyone knows that cooking a huge meal is a time-sensitive, crazy process. Here are a few Prefabulous® kitchen features that will make prepping and cooking a breeze.


Kitchen Island

Farm style white kitchen with island in Freedom Farm house.The Freedom Farm House kitchen

If you’ve ever had a hand in preparing a Thanksgiving meal, you know that it’s very easy for your kitchen to suddenly turn into a war zone. One minute you’re stuffing a turkey on the counter and before you know it your surface area is gone and you’re mashing potatoes on the coffee table in the living room.


Enter: the kitchen island. Clayton offers dozens of home models that feature kitchen islands, giving you plenty of space for all your food prep needs.

Farm Sink

Stainless steel farm sink with faucet in kitchen with galvanized backsplash.


If the next step of your day is to dry and peel 20 pounds of potatoes for mashing, you’re going to want a farm sink, friend. Farm sinks are designed to be oversized, deep and undivided, giving you plenty of space for all of those potatoes (and the dishes that will follow)!


Pot Filler Faucet

Stainless steel pot filler on gray tile backsplash in Clayton kitchen.The 2085 Heritage kitchen

Nothing puts a damper on meal prep like dropping a stock pot full of water and potatoes on your way from the sink to the stovetop. By adding a gorgeous pot filler to your kitchen, you’ll save lots of time and effort in the cooking phase!

Range Hood

Patterned range hood and wood ceiling beams in Freedom Farm House kitchen.The Freedom Farm House kitchen

Is it really Thanksgiving if you don’t set off the smoke alarms? Good news! It can be. Range hoods are designed to collect airborne grease, moisture and cooking odors1 and sometimes like in the home model featured above they make for gorgeous focal points in your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Modern gray and white manufactured home kitchen with island and stainless steel appliances.


Stainless steel appliances make cleanup a breeze after you’ve spent the entire day cooking. These durable, low-maintenance surfaces can look like new with just a quick wipe-down with a clean rag or mild soap and warm water. So, while you’re rushing to clean up your kitchen as guests arrive, you won’t have to worry too much about your appliances!

Wine Cooler

Built-in wine cooler in manufactured home kitchen.The 3345 Classic kitchen 

Arguably the most important feature for your home this Thanksgiving is the wine cooler. This does the job of keeping cool, refreshing wine at your fingertips while you’re cooking, hosting and cleaning all Thanksgiving long.

While you’re shopping for your Clayton Built® home this season, be sure to ask your home consultant about these amazing kitchen upgrades and make your next holiday feel like vacation.




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