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Paint Paper on Gypsum Wallboards Like a Pro

Before learning how to paint paneling in your mobile home, it’s helpful to understand what exactly makes up Paper on Gypsum, often called POG wallboards. This material is different than VOG, which is Vinyl over Gypsum.


So, what are Paper on Gypsum wallboards?


POG manufactured home wallboards are made of a piece of gypsum, often referred to as drywall, that has a paper covering that is laminated to the board. This means you should not attempt to remove the paper covering from the wallboard. The paper is not designed to come off of the board and could shred or tear the board.


How do you paint POG wallboards like a pro?

 Wallboards Clayton Manufactured Home Living Room

The Anniversary 2.0 model by Clayton


Painting the walls in your home can be a refreshing change for the look of your home and help your home reflect your personal style. First, you’ll need to gather the correct supplies for painting your manufactured home wallboards.


Paper On Gypsum Painting Supplies

  1. Non-abrasive cleaner
  2. Clean wash cloth
  3. Interior paint
  4. Paint brush
  5. Paint roller
  6. Painters tape


Steps for Painting Paper On Gypsum


Follow these steps to properly paint your Paper on Gypsum wallboards:

1. Before painting the walls, wipe your POG wallboards with a dry cloth.

2. If your wall requires additional cleaning, wipe your walls with a mild detergent and damp cloth. We recommend first testing a small area that isn’t often seen, such as wallboard in the closet.


Do not use spray cleaners such as window cleaners, all-purpose spray cleaners or abrasive cleaners as these could damage or stain the paper.

Do not use organic solvents either, such as mineral spirits, acetone or lacquer thinner.

3. Most interior paints can be used directly over the POG wallboards and battens. When you’ve chosen the perfect color for your walls, paint your POG walls just as you would paint any other wall!


Clayton Living Room WallboardsThe Elation model by TRUmh


Now you know how to paint Paper On Gypsum wallboards so you can customize the walls of your mobile home and make every room in your house reflect you. If you have an older home with Vinyl Over Gypsum wallboards, your walls require a different painting technique. We have a guide to painting VOG wallboards too to make customizing your manufactured home easy.

 See the VOG Paint Guide

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