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Tips and Tricks to Growing Rosemary Indoors and Outdoors Year Round

Does Rosemary Grow All Year? 


You can indeed grow rosemary and enjoy it all year long! Whether growing rosemary inside your home or getting ready to put it outside, we’ve got tips to make it even easier to grow all year, especially as it gets cooler outside.


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10 Creative Organization Project Ideas for the New Year

 For anyone with a home organization New Year’s resolution, I’ve put together 10 do it yourself home organizing ideas. This year, I’m personally trying to organize my hot mess of a room and kitchen, which is difficult in my small space!

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Clayton’s Season of Giving – How Marlette Lewistown Gets Active with the Burnham Bulldogs

What do Clayton home builders do when they aren’t building homes? Well, for the home building facility in Lewistown, PA, team members choose to spend some of their free time to get on the football field and play against the Burnham Bulldogs, a youth football team of special needs players from Burnham, PA.

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How To Add Color And Texture To Your Rooms

Add visual interest to your living space is by using contrasting colors and textures! To create an energetic and upbeat feeling in your space, use highly contrasting colors and textures.

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More Manufactured and Modular Homes Under 1,000 Square Feet

According to, a ranch style modular home is usually the least expensive type of modular home to build per square foot. Clayton offers many ranch style manufactured and modular floor plans that can be customized. They tend to be even more affordable the smaller you go in home size.

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How to Get Your Clayton Home Faster

Making the decision to buy a home can be quite daunting. Determining whether you are making the right investment in a home that will last for years to come is the main question for most home buyers. The great news is that your local home center is the perfect place to answer this critical question and find your perfect home investment! 

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Financing a Tiny Home

If you desire to finance your tiny home investment, most home lenders are open to helping you move forward with your new Designer Series tiny home purchase.

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Raise the Refund - Clayton's Latest Sale

This tax season, get movin’ and groovin’ into a brand new, energy efficient home. Tax refund season is approaching, and we know you are looking to take your refunds to the next level.

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Green and Energy Efficient Building Materials Used in New Clayton Homes

You can find eco-friendly and energy efficient building materials in new homes we build at Clayton. We already use a building process that is efficient, but the products going into our homes matter, too.

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Manufactured Home HVAC Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

As the cold sets in you probably want to know how to keep your home warm this winter without racking up a huge utility bill. Fortunately, there are plenty of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) tips for winter that range from routine maintenance tips, to tips for specific kinds of winter weather.

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