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Organize Your Life Part 5: Organizing Ideas For Your Closet

For some of us, closet space is a prized amenity. Being intentional about using closet space is important in order to maximize your closet. As you may have seen in other parts of the Organize Your Life series, you can maximize organization in your home without busting your budget.


From organizing your kitchen to organizing your bathroom, you can use clever storage tips and systems to clean up your home. Below are a few tips on taking advantage of the space you have in the closets around your home.


1. Closet Organization for Flip Flops

Flip Flop Dish Rack Organization

From Decorating Files


Flip flops and sandals in every color? Check out this neat closet organization idea to store them! Simply take a dish drying rack and place pairs of sandals in the slots. It’s an easy and low-cost way to keep your shoes organized.


2. Closet Organization With Baskets

S Hook Basket closet organization.jpg



Add baskets underneath shelves to provide more closet space to store clothes, scarves, hats and any other items you need to stash away. Simply add hooks spread apart matching the width of the baskets. This closet organization idea also makes it easier to remove the baskets and either put away laundry or just simply see their contents better.


3. Creative Board Game Storage

hanging closet board game storage.jpg

From Money Saving Sisters


Using a hanging compartment in your closet is a great way to organize and store board games. Board games tend to pile up and it can become a disaster. Next thing you know you have Monopoly pieces in the Battleship box. This closet organization tip also makes it easier to choose a board game with quicker access and also let everyone see the options.


4. Closet Wrapping Paper Storage


From The Chic Site


Wrapping paper can be awkward to store. Here is a brilliant way to store wrapping paper and keep it organized in your closet. Take a garment bag and store each wrapping paper roll upright in the garment bag. Hang this on a closet rod, and now it is out of the way!


5. Creative Cleaning Supplies Storage

closet organization cleaning products.jpg

From Fashionable Home blog


One of the most useful closet organizational tools is an over-the-door shoe organizer. You can use these things for anything! Here, it is being used to sort cleaning supplies. The great thing about this is that you are taking advantage of all the useable space and can get clutter out from under the sink.


Other ways to use this storage container in your closet is for snacks, dry foods, water bottles, toys, craft supplies and cosmetics.


Great closet space you can make your own comes with many Clayton homes. See what floor plans and closets could be in your dream home.

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