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Organize Your Life: 4 Ways to Organize Your Home Without Spending a Dime

Whether you love your home to be clean and tidy or you're more on the messy side, everyone craves a fresh start sometimes. We reach a point where we can’t step over another pile of toys or heap of laundry or we will absolutely lose it. BUT, it’s not always in the budget to run out and buy dozens of baskets and bins and get to work.


So, here are four ways you can start getting organized today without spending a dime.


Purge + Declutter

Clean living room with built-in shelving and sunny yellow décor.


Clutter often comes when we have run out of space entirely. We collect things we don’t need, pile things up that we don’t use and hold on to things that no longer serve us.


Take a look at everything in your home. Start with the stuff that is pouring out into your main living spaces—toys, clothes, shoes, books, paper clutter, etc. Are there things that can be tossed, donated or recycled/repurposed?


Then, move on to the sections of your home where you’d ideally like to store most of your possessions. Are your closets full of two-sizes-too-small clothes or old linens or toys? What can you get rid of to create space for the things you love and want to keep?


Now you can start organizing the things that you want to keep!


Clear All the Surfaces

Crisp white manufactured home kitchen with cleared countertops and surfaces.


The surfaces in our homes tend to take on most of the clutter. Countertops and kitchen islands, dining room tables, work spaces, coffee tables, dressers and nightstands all get filled with things that we either don’t need or that don’t belong there.


Clear all of the dishes, small appliances you don’t use everyday and stuff that just doesn’t belong off the counters in your kitchen. Get rid of paper clutter and food wrappers that have collected on your dining table or workspace. Put away stray toys and clothes that have started gathering dust on your coffee table.


By clearing the surfaces in your home, you’re creating a less cluttered environment and you’ll feel much happier.


Use What You’ve Got

Organized mudroom with wood shelving built-ins and cabinets.


If you’re like me, you’ve probably got dozens of storage bins and random baskets hanging around. Maybe they were full of toys or clothes you decided to donate and now they are free to use for something else! Take advantage of built-in shelving in your laundry or mud room.


Your home could also be full of other ways to organize that you hadn’t thought of before:


  • Mason jars are great for storing things like paper clips, pens and pencils, hair accessories, makeup brushes, baking goods, etc.
  • Tiered spice racks or cake stands can be used to keep things visible. These are great for storing your essential oils, beauty products, small kitchen dishes like ramekins or small bowls and other items that you use on a regular basis and want displayed.
  • An old clothes hamper makes a great holder for rolls of wrapping paper or blankets you don’t use everyday


The possibilities are endless, and you probably have more organizing tools than you thought, right in your own home!


Freshen up Your Space

Gorgeous master bedroom with crisp white bedding, dark wood furniture and natural lighting.


Once you’ve decluttered, cleared your surfaces and gotten your organization on, there are a few fun ways you can freshen up your space without going on a shopping spree!


  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Change out the linens on your bed
  • Swap out the throw pillows and blankets in your living room
  • Give your home a deep clean with an easy homemade cleaner
  • Change out the photos in your picture frames
  • Put a different tablecloth or table runner on your table
  • Light some yummy scented candles or try a new diffuser blend to give your home a fresh smell.

Getting organized doesn’t have to break the bank! All it takes is a little time and hard work to get your home feeling like the refuge and retreat you deserve.




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