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Natural Home Pest Control Methods For a Happy, Healthy Home

One day you are sitting on your couch watching Netflix when you see a line of tiny invaders crawling across your floor. “EEEH!” was my first reaction, and then “What do I do?” Bugs are the archenemies of homeowners everywhere.


If you have ever wondered how to get rid of pests and creepy crawlers the natural way, you are not alone. I try hard to be green and not expose myself to harsh chemicals and pesticides, so I found myself wondering how to go about solving my insect problem.


Natural Pest Controlling Methods Home


The first thing I found is keep your house as clean as possible.


  • Don’t leave food out
  • Remember to sweep
  • Mop and vacuum your house regularly


A clean house greatly reduces your chances of pests of any sort invading your inner sanctum!



Preventing Ants


Ants are the unholy intruders of the home, and they can be difficult to get rid of. There are many ways to prevent a colony from taking over.


  • First, you can use spices like cinnamon or cayenne to keep ants out of your home. Choose one of the spices and create a line in front of a window, door or crack in the foundation that you don’t want the ants coming into. This will keep them out.
  • Second, ants leave trails. It is how they remember to come back to your house. To prevent this, clean regularly with a vinegar spray; a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water should suffice.
  • Third, ants don't like cucumber slices. Slice a cucumber and leave the peel in places that ants like to go. For example, in the window, on the on the counter and in the sink are just a few places these peels can work wonders.
  • Fourth, you can make a citrus spray out of vinegar with your choice of unsweetened lemon or lime juice. Just spray this mixture on your cabinets and counters for the best results. Try a few of these and send those ants running for the hills.



Preventing Spiders

Homemade Pest Bug Spray


Spiders hate strong scents like peppermint or citrus. While we find it refreshing, it sends spiders scurrying. To prevent spiders in your home, try using this simple but effective recipe from everyday roots.


What You Will Need

  • 5 to 7 drops of peppermint, tea tree, citrus, lavender or neem essential oil
  • A reusable spray bottle
  • 5 drops of liquid dish soap (a natural dish soap is best)
  • 1 qt. warm water 
  • A dash of white vinegar (optional—spiders hate vinegar)



  • Put 5-7 drops of peppermint oil (or any other essential oils) in a spray bottle (about 16 is good), and fill mostly to the top with warm water.
  • Add a squirt of dish soap, place the top of the spray bottle back on and give the mixture a good shake.
  • Before using, use the hose attachment of your vacuum to suck up any egg sacs or old webs.
  • Test your mixture on an inconspicuous area, and then spray in the corners of window frames, along door cracks or in dark dingy places spiders may be hide in.
  • You can also add a dash of white vinegar to the mixture, but keep in mind that this could affect some fabrics and surfaces. Also, remember to reapply the spray once a week.


Try a few of these natural pest controlling methods, and help keep your home pest free!

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