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More on Prefabricated Housing Options Around the World

Our blog has written about prefabricated housing innovations around the world before, and we're writing again because we love where the industry is headed!


The process of building a home in a climate controlled building facility, safe from the elements, is becoming a more popular process for building a home. This is because it is an efficient process that allows builders to maintain and control quality and efficiency while building the home!


What Is Changing in Prefab


Throughout the world, there are many countries that have adopted this method of home building because they recognize the quality that results from building a home indoors and the ability to get more home for less!


For example, retirement communities in different countries have opened up huge opportunities for the growth of manufactured housing due to the high cost of living otherwise. 


Australian Prefab Homes


Australia’s manufactured housing market is expected to quickly grow as both the amount of retirees and the cost of housing rise.Prefabricated homes give retirees the opportunity to find a home they can easily maintain and can afford in a competitive housing market.


Historically, manufactured homes in Australia have been used as tourist housing,1 but now the market is expanding!


Below is the Olley, a “granny flat” built by Parkwood Modular Buildings, which is based in Australia. Parkwood also builds cabins and homes with 2-6 bedrooms.


Australian Olley Prefabricated Home model

Photo by Parkwood Homes


German Prefab Homes


Like in the U.S., the manufactured housing market grew in European nations during and after World War II. Many prefabricated homes were built in the United Kingdom as a housing solution for heavily bombed areas and for returning servicemen.2


Many of those original homes no longer exist, but the core of prefabricated home building has grown in the United Kingdom and even spread across borders into neighboring countries such as Germany!


Although the market for manufactured and modular homes is not as large in Germany, the industry is still growing. Below is an example of a beautiful modular home built by one of the top modular home builders in the country--Huf Haus!


German Huf Haus Prefabricated Home

Photo by Huf Haus


Spanish Prefab Homes


In Spain, prefabricated homes are becoming more popular!  The lower priced manufactured and modular homes offered are an appealing option for every market.


One company, Obsido Homes, offers homes that are designed to match the way homes have been built in Spain for years.


And in Barcelona, a modern design studio is delving into the world of custom modular housing!


Obsido Prefab Home Model in SpainPhoto by Obsido Homes


Prefab Homes in the U.S.


The manufactured and modular home industry around the world continues to be committed to innovation in beautiful design, durability and energy efficiency.


Here in the U.S., Clayton is proud to offer great features you can ask about like the Energy Smart Home Package, farmhouse design and so much more!

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