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Manufactured Home Patio and Porch Covers

If you’re like me, each spring you’re doing everything you can to constantly be outside.  Whether that means cleaning the siding of your manufactured home, working in the garden or simply relaxing on the patio, it doesn’t matter.


However, the heat can be overwhelming. So what’s one of the best ways to get away from the sun beating down on you? Sitting in a nice, comfy chair underneath a manufactured home patio cover!

Today I’m going to share manufactured home patio ideas, do it yourself patio decorating tips and how to make sure that your patio cover is attached safely!


Manufactured Home Patio Cover Safety

Manufactured Home Covered Porch


Attaching a manufactured home patio cover over your patio area should not be done yourself. Although it may seem like an opportunity to build your own manufactured home patio, having an expert build and install your deck, patio or patio cover is your safest option. I don’t share this with you to disappoint, but I share it to encourage you to be informed and find the smartest option!


It’s been shown that manufactured homes are comparable in safety to site built homes, but become much more vulnerable to damage when improperly attached decks, patio covers and carports have been added to the home. The best route to take is to purchase a manufactured home with a patio or deck already included as a home option so that the home builder can design the home and patio for proper support and installation.


HUD installation standards for manufactured homes actually require that manufactured home attachments must not impose any load to the manufactured home or its foundation unless that attachment is already incorporated into the home builder’s approved design and installation instructions. This means that if you build your own deck or patio and patio cover, it must be designed and constructed as a “self-supporting” or “freestanding” structure and cannot rely on the home’s structure for support.


These home additions, even if they follow a building code, often fail structurally at lower wind speeds than the building to which they are attached, so the safest route is to get a deck or patio that is incorporated into an approved home design and installation plan.


Patio Ideas


For those of you who are considering adding a tranquil patio onto your manufactured home, think about all of the different ways it’ll benefit you throughout each season of the year.


Manufactured home covered patios are ideal when you want to protect your porch or patio from the sun and other elements, but don’t necessarily want them to be completely enclosed.


One idea would be to have an outdoor kitchen or living room to entertain guests.


Manufactured Home Patio with Kitchen & Fan

The 58GMS28663A model by Schult*


There could be a bar, grill and sink for preparing food and plenty of seating with room to add a TV.


Manufactured Home Exterior Porch & Kitchen

The 58LEG32443AM model by Schult*


Another choice could be to simply add a large open patio area to your home. Your patio options depend on the layout of your home, so ask your home consultant what options are available.


Manufactured Home Back Patio

The 45TMC32703A model by SEhomes*


A patio option for relaxation could be a screened in area with a couple of lounge chairs and a hammock for enjoying the warm weather in the evening as the sun goes down.


Manufactured Home Enclosed Porch and Fireplace

The Park Pad model by Giles


When you buy a manufactured home from Clayton, you have porch and patio options to make your home your own. 


Do it Yourself Patio Decorating


When you do decide to add a patio cover to your manufactured home, there are many ways to make it unique and one-of-a-kind. You can make your covered patio more comfortable just by installing a couple features such as lights, ceilings fans and outdoor heaters.


One of my personal favorite patio decorations that I believe can bring together a patio area is string lights. Once the sun goes down and those string lights turn on, your manufactured home patio will be the place to be, creating a luminescent ambiance. Whether you’re hosting guests or having family time, they’re perfect for almost any occasion.


Patio String Lights


A swing or a hammock can also be a great addition to your patio! In hardly no time at all you can have yourself a comfy seat to sit in while enjoying mother nature.


Patio Hanging Hammock


You can even add some class to your manufactured home patio cover by hanging a chandelier full of flowers in the middle of the area.


Now that you’ve gotten a good idea of what you want to do with your manufactured home patio cover, you can find out which patio is right for you!


Find Your Perfect Porch


*This home model is not currently in production. Visit your local home center to see similar models available near you.

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