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The Dos and Don'ts to Designing Your Dream Nursery

So, you’ve just learned that there’s going to be a new little addition to your family! Although this is exciting news, it might feel overwhelming with long to-do lists and checklists and the endless sea of pregnancy and planning books.


You only have a short window of time to learn and prepare for your little one, so don’t let home readiness be a roadblock in your preparation process. Let us take some stress off your hands with 3 simple steps to get your baby’s nursery ready for your adorable little arrival.


Picking Out the Perfect Theme

Pregnant woman hanging up a picture of a bunny in a manufactured home.

Ah, yes. The fun part. Designing your baby’s nursery can be a great way to express your design and style, while also getting a chance to add all your desired bells and whistles. Let’s start off choosing the perfect nursery theme.


Whether you prefer to incorporate your favorite cartoon, children’s show themes or just keep it simple with a neutral color scheme, choosing the theme is an important first step to set the stage for a perfect nursery. Some steps to take while considering your theme are:


  • Find a neutral or soft color: Babies spend a majority of their time sleeping. By putting a neutral or soft color in your nursery, it can help to soothe your little one to sleep.
  • Choosing accent pieces: Whether it’s a furniture piece or an accent wall, choose a focal point that really shows off your adorable theme!
  • Picking out décor: Deciding which wall pieces, knick-knacks and cute little stuffed animals that will drape your nursery is one of the most fun parts in choosing your theme. This is where you can get creative and paint a picture for your imaginative little one.


Choosing the Right Furniture

Pregnant women in a nursery sitting in a recliner chair.

While style remains a large factor, so does safety. You may want your little one to stay little forever, but they will soon become an energetic toddler, meaning durability is key! Some things you may consider in picking out the perfect furniture are:


  • Get the crib: Be sure to take extra time assessing the safety of the crib you choose. Your baby will spend a lot of time here, so choosing something sturdy and comfortable is key!
  • Find the oh-so important rocking chair: The rocking chair you chooseis an important purchase, so choose wisely! This is where you will spend many long precious nights capturing those little moments, so make sure it’s comfortable.
  • Get the dreaded changing table: The changing table, our favorite feature, right? Maybe not so much, but whether we like it or not, your baby will spend a lot of time there. Choosing a table that’s functional, yet sturdy for those squirmy babies is very important.
  • Storage, storage, storage: As you may know, babies are high maintenance, meaning they require A LOT of things. Having a place to store all the extra diapers, wipes and onesies is essential to prevent any unnecessary extra stress for mom.


It’s All About Safety!

Baby standing in their crib smiling at pictures.

As much as we love them, we all know those curious minds are bound to stick their little fingers in something they shouldn’t. Although this isn’t an issue you have to be concerned about right away, it’s never too early to start safe practices!


Some safety features to note around your nursery include:


  • Outlet covers: We can’t blame our little ones for being curious, but we can prevent unnecessary accidents. Placing covers on all the outlets in your nursery is quick, easy and very effective to avoid any mishaps.
  • Cabinet and drawer locks: We often keep cleaning material and choke-able items in storage. Adding locks hinders those sticky fingers!
  • Padding, padding everywhere! No matter how much we try, we can't prevent all accidental falls from our wobbly little ones. Placing a foam padding around any corners or sharp edges can help lessen the impact for a bumped head.


They won’t be little forever, so capture all of those precious moments in your perfect nursery.


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