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Manufactured Home Bathtub and Shower Material Options

There are many bathtub options for a mobile home. From drop-in soaker tubs to ceramic tile showers, every home buyer has options. Not only can you choose by style, but there are even different bathtub material options so you can make the smartest decision for you and your family.


So, what materials go into mobile home bathtubs? Read on to find out the materials that make a bathtub in your Clayton Built® home and to learn more about manufactured home bathtubs and showers.


Step in tub in manufactured homeThe Super Value model by Clayton 


What materials are manufactured home bathtubs made of?

There are several different materials a bathtub can be made of in a manufactured home. When choosing a bathtub to go in your home, there are points you should consider about each bathtub material.


Check out these bathtub material options for mobile homes that can be found across the country.1


  • Acrylic 

Acrylic tubs are made of acrylic sheets that are heated and formed into a mold that is typically reinforced by fiberglass.


  • Cast Polymer

Often made to resemble granite or onyx, cast polymer tubs are made of solid color, polymer-based materials.


  • Cultured Marble 

Made of crushed limestone and polyester resin, a cultured marble tub has a gel-coat finish and is a man-made material.


  • Enameled Cast Iron 

Molded into the shape of the bathtub, enameled cast iron tubs are finished with enamel and are typically thicker than other tub options.


  • Enameled Steel 

Produced by spraying enamel onto molded steel, the tub is fired at a high temperature and is typically less expensive than cast iron.


  • Fiberglass 

Finished with a layer of polyester gel, a fiberglass tub is created with a fiberglass backing material and usually offers a wide range of styles and shapes.


  • Solid Surface

Made with either acrylic or polyester resin, this type of tub uses materials that are baked into sheets. A solid surface tub is a smart option if you want your tub to retain heat well.


Ideal for structural applications where strength and stiffness are required, this type of plastic tub has great aesthetic qualities and strength to last a lifetime1. It is also a relatively low-cost material.


So, what kind of bathtubs are in Clayton homes?

Drop-in manufactured home bathtub and window

Bathtub in the 43EZE45563A model by SEhomes**


Although there are a wide variety of bathtub material options that you could find in manufactured homes, Clayton Built® manufactured homes typically use the following materials for bathtubs:


  • Fiberglass
  • ABS Plastic
  • Acrylic

The type of bathtub material that comes standard in a new Clayton home will vary by home building facility and home model. But new Clayton home bathtubs are commonly made of ABS plastic.


Depending on the home building facility that constructs your new home and the home model that you purchase, your standard bathtub could be made of fiberglass. If available at your home building facility, acrylic will likely be an optional upgrade.


What are Clayton Built® manufactured home showers made of?

Mobile home master bathroom tile shower

Walk-in shower in the Nile model by Clayton


Just like bathtubs, there are several material options for showers in Clayton Built® homes. Our manufactured home showers are typically made of fiberglass, ABS plastic or tile.


If you want a walk-in shower in your home, it will most likely be made of tile. However, you may also get a fiberglass or ABS plastic shower instead if you prefer.


Mobile home bathtub shower combo

The Resolution 16763X model by Schult 


If you want to add extra style to your bathroom, you may be able to upgrade to tile walls and marble shower pans in your shower. Talk to your home consultant about which upgrade options are available in the home model you choose.



What bathtub and shower styles are in a manufactured home?

Depending on the home builder, you can have a multitude of shower and bathtub style options. Choosing the right bathtub can be hard, but consider your budget, needs and wants as you look at options so you can make a smart choice for you.


Manufactured home bathtub style options include:

  • Alcove tubs
  • Corner tubs
  • Oval tubs
  • Drop-in soaker tubs
  • Freestanding tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs

 Manufactured home bathroom drop-in soaker tubDrop-in tub in the Anniversary model by Clayton


Farmhouse master bathroom with freestanding bathtubFreestanding tub in the Lulamae model by Buccaneer


Mobile home shower style options include:

  • Showers combined with a tub
  • Walk-in showers
  • Walk-thru showers


Rustic master bathroom with soaker tub and walk-in shower

Walk-in shower in the Louis model by SEhomes


Mobile home walk-thru shower and bathtubWalk-thru shower in the CMQ28724A model by Clayton


Feel free to ask your knowledgeable home consultant which bathtub and shower material options are available for your manufactured home. Keep in mind that available materials for your dream tub and shower may vary by home center and by the home building facility building your home.


Remember to ask your home consultant any questions you may have so that you can make a smart decision based on your needs, wants and budget. To start figuring out which bathtub option best fits you and your family’s needs, take the Clayton bathtub quiz and learn more about bathtub styles!

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1. "ABS (Tecaran®)," Plastics International, accessed November 16, 2017,


**This home model is not currently in production. Visit your local home center to see similar models available near you. 

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