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Manufactured and Modular Home Exteriors Across the Country

Affordability isn’t the only factor you will use in choosing your dream manufactured or modular home. We know you’ll want a prefabulous home made just for you, so the style of your home exterior is just as important as any other factor.


Amazon Clayton Mobile Home ExteriorThe Amazon model by Clayton


Your dream home will reflect your lifestyle, and with all of the options that manufactured homes have to offer, you’re probably wondering how you can make your home truly yours.


One way to match your home with your style is by considering the region you will be living in. Data gathered from Zillow Group shows that different styles of homes, including manufactured and modular homes, are more common in different areas of the country and reflect the culture and weather of those areas. So check out these styles of manufactured and modular homes across the country!


Manufactured Homes Fit for the North

CK561F Golden West Manufactured Home Exterior

CK561F model by Golden West


Homes in the North and Northeast tend to be Cape Cod style or Colonial style. With 1,512 square feet and a variety of siding options, the CK561F model by Golden West fits in perfectly with any northeastern neighborhood. The stone skirting adds a sophisticated touch to the exterior of the home. The standard version of this home boasts three bedrooms and two bathrooms, reminding your family of life in Cape Cod.


Norris, a Clayton home building group brand, also offers Cape Cod cottage style options and floor plan enlargements. Style your home based on your preferences and watch in awe as your dream home becomes reality. If you’re interested in viewing Norris floor plans, visit your local home center and mention the Norris brand to your friendly home consultant.


Western Manufactured Home Styles

Golden West Manufactured Home with Garage

Manufactured home with garage by Golden West


You won’t believe the beautiful aesthetic that homes like this blue ranch by Golden West offer. The light blue toned siding and open side porch place this home perfectly in western states such as Oregon.


Influenced by modern architecture, many manufactured homes fit for the West will have large windows giving them an open and sleek appearance, like the Avalon Grand Teton model by Karsten. With a variety of muted color options for exterior siding, these homes look great among the evergreen trees and mountains of the West and Northwest and can even feature a garage.


Manufactured Homes Fit for the Midwest

Bungalow Style Manufactured Home Exterior

51RSD42483AH model by Schult


Because of the vast variety of landscapes in the Midwest region, there are multiple styles of homes that are popular. Styles of homes in the Midwest vary from bungalow styles like the 51RSD42483AH model by Schult and rancher styles like this Heritage Mod model by Schult.


Bungalow styles are popular in areas like Illinois or Missouri. The low-pitched roofs feature wide overhangs, and the homes are typically just one story. Distinct and cozy, a bungalow home is sure to be an eye catcher in your Midwest neighborhood.


Rancher styles fit especially well in the flat fields of states like Kansas or even in regions with many lakes such as Minnesota. The rectangular L-shape of the home places itself well on just about any terrain and features a long front porch so you can sit and enjoy your Midwest views.


Southwest Prefabricated Home Styles

Southwestern Manufactured Home with Porch

43IMP45733AM model by SEhomes


Homes like the 43IMP45733AM model by SEhomes feature beautiful exteriors that blend well with the southwestern environment. The exterior siding boasts beautiful tan and brown stones that pop against grass or accent the sand and rock of desert regions. And the low hanging roof over the front porch can protect you from even the brightest sunshine.


You even have the option of Low-E windows, which are double-pane windows that help keep UV rays from entering the house and regulate the home's temperature by keeping conditioned air in. Whether you place this home in the desert of Arizona or somewhere greener, it is sure to make you feel at home.


Southern Style Manufactured Homes

Southern Style Manufactured Home Exterior

32SLB32563A model by Clayton


Architecture across the South is influenced by a variety of styles, so you’ll see a variety of manufactured home exterior designs.


If you need a home fit for the South, look no further than homes like this 32SLB32563A model by Clayton. It boasts gables, window accents and a mix of colors with terracotta touches for extra flair. This home will look fabulous in the fall in areas where the leaves change.  


Manufactured Homes Fit for the East

Hampton Manufactured Home Exterior

Hampton model by Norris


Luxurious in style and in space, the classic look of the Hampton model by Norris is both beautiful and versatile. Depending on your style preferences, you can choose from a variety of siding options such as vinyl with a clay tone or Cemplank® lap siding in Western Sage.


43IMP45563BH_9301_Final Rendering.jpg

The Newberry model by SEhomes


Cottages are also a common home style found in the East. You can look at cottage style home options like the Newberry model from SEhomes. These small, craftsman style homes are popular in areas up and down the Eastern seaboard. Add a white picket fence to your yard for an extra classic touch.


Depending on your local home center, you will have different options available to help you find your dream home.



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Before you begin your home buying journey, find out which home exterior style best fits you!



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