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Mobile Home Living Room Focal Point Guide

Creating a focal point is part of all successful spaces. It is the first thing I start with when I design a room. 


Living Room  Focal Point Design IdeasThe Power Play model by Clayton


A focal point is important as it relates to a whole room and its functional space.


A Built-In Focal Point

Built In Entertainment Center Focal Point The 32SMH28684AH model by Clayton**


For instance, a room's focal point can be created by architectural elements such as windows, a fireplace or a feature wall. Many people use the TV or a fireplace as their living room focal point.


Built-in entertainment centers are great to center your design on, and if your home has large windows, you can direct your furniture to highlight a beautiful view of your surroundings.


An Added Focal Point

Living Room Focal Point GuideThe Heritage model by Clayton**


When you need living room focal point ideas with no fireplace or TV in your living room, try a large piece of furniture or art wall grouping to create your own focal point. In the home above, the focal points are the large patterned chair and the statement clock piece hanging on the wall. 


Why Have a Focal Point

A focal point is a place that draws you in and gives your eye a pleasing place to “rest”. Sometimes I create a focal point by simply painting a wall or portion of a wall an accent color. Then as with any focal point, I build the rest of the room setting around it. 

One of the goals of a focal point in a living room, is to be able to group the furniture towards it.


Oakwood Modular Living Room Fireplace Focal PointThe 2928 Oakwood model by Schult


For example, if the fireplace is the focal point, then arrange the furniture so it can be enjoyed from as many seats as possible.


Doing this will also create great conversation areas just by the furniture placement, and that is what great living spaces are all about!

Plan a Living Room Layout

**This home model is not currently in production. Visit your local home center to see similar models available near you.

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