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Kitchen Table Decor Ideas to Add Style to Your Home

 Growing up in the South, the dining room and kitchen have always been the rooms that seem to be decorated the prettiest. Holidays at Grandma’s are still the most vibrant and decked out to this day, accompanied with a beautiful, eye-catching tablescape. So, how do you get a noteworthy kitchen table? Follow the steps below and you will be giving Grandma a run for her money in no time!


Mobile Home Kitchen Tablescape Modern and Sleek


First, you’ll want to decide how much time and effort you’re willing to give to this project. Do you want the table to be elaborate, simple or somewhere in between? 


Take a look at the breakdown of each time commitment option, and once you decide which direction you want to go, we will discuss the best way to achieve that perfect setting.


Elaborate Tablescapes - Bring on the decorating

Mobile Home Elegant Kitchen Table Decor


What you need:

  1. Base
  2. Centerpiece
  3. Burner plates or chargers
  4. Plates
  5. Napkins
  6. Cups
  7. Silverware


Start by arranging your base and centerpiece. Typically, people use a decorative table runner as the base. Your centerpiece can be as simple as a gorgeous table candelabra or as elaborate as multiple vases, floral arrangements, candles and figurines arranged along the table runner.


Outdoor Table Tablescape with Fruit on Napkins on Plates


Next, if you want to use place mats, place them at each table setting. Then, set your plate burners or chargers down at each place setting.


Girl Setting Plates on Earthy Tablescape


Finally, fill in each place setting with plates, napkins and the rest of your dishware! If you're hosting a dinner party, the final flourish for your beautiful tablescape would be personalized name placards or fruit set on top of each plate. 


Quick and Easy Tablescapes - I want it pretty, but I don’t have much time

Dining Room Table Brown and Rustic Tablescape


What you need: 

  1. Base
  2. Centerpiece
  3. Burner plates or chargers
  4. Napkins


Start by placing your base item, whether it be your place mats or runner, and then add your centerpiece. Here, save yourself time by adding one large centerpiece or cluster smaller pieces together as one focal point. Finally, add your plate burners or chargers and then place napkins on top. 


This method is an easy way to make your table look clean, classy and put together without having to set all your dishware before dinner!


Simple Tablescapes - I'll be lucky if I even have time to decorate

Easy Kitchen Table Decor Placemat and Flowers


What you need:

  1. Base
  2. Centerpiece


This tablescape is an easy way to spruce up your dining and kitchen area. Add your table runner, placemat or tablecloth and a centerpiece...then you're done.  


Simple and Easy Mobile Home Kitchen Table Decor


So, now that you have some insight to the task at hand, let’s talk about a few of the items listed. Regardless of which design you're choosing, you need a base and a centerpiece. These are the staples to your tablescape.


A Base

Tiny Home Dining Table Natural Earthy Tablescape

It can be a tablecloth, runner or placemats. You can even do two or more different types of bases on your table, layers are in! Burlap and lace always mix well together in this instance for a more classic, country-chic look.


A Centerpiece

Kitchen Table Tablescape with Tulibs and Bowls

They are my favorite because you can be so creative! Flowers are a safe bet to brighten up your area. Put some daisies or daffodils in a glass water pitcher that is lined with lemons for a pretty seasonal feel. Plus, lemons make your flowers live a little longer.



Round Dining Table with Bright Tablescape Blue Placemats

Try to choose placemats you can use year round and that go well with different centerpieces and bases. Browns, navy, greys, creams and golds are all placemat colors that you can mix with other pieces for a great tablescape! Or you can go bold like the bright blue used above.


No matter which tablescape design you choose for your kitchen table decor, it's sure to brighten up the room and add your own touch of character to your home. If you're dreaming about a new kitchen to decorate, check out the countless options we have here at Clayton!


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