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How to Prepare Your Manufactured Home for Your First Child

Are you a soon-to-be parent expecting their first child? Becoming a parent is a beautiful and exciting time, but it also means a lot of preparation for your new baby such as childproofing your home or buying essential newborn items.


From baby proofing ideas to essential items to remember for your baby’s room, check out these tips and ideas of ways to prepare your home for your first child!



Ways to Childproof Your Home for First-Time Parents



Of course you want your home to be safe for your first baby. There are different ways to childproof your home even before your baby can crawl around. Check out these ways to make your home is safe for your baby:


  • Smooth out any corners – You can avoid your child bumping his or her head on any sharp corners with corner guards like these.


  • Child lock all doors  The more your child begins to move, the more likely he or she will be curious to open doors. Knob covers are a great way to keep your child from opening doors that could be potentially dangerous, such as a supply cabinet door.


  • Plug up outlets – You know those plastic things that cover electrical outlets? Keep your baby safe from electrical outlets with plug covers.


  • Monitor your baby – There will be times when you need to be in one room and your baby may be in another, like during their nap time. Getting a baby monitor can help ease your worries when you want to keep an eye on your baby but get things done around the house.



How to Prepare a Nursery



Your baby’s bedroom or nursery is where you and your new child will spend a lot of time at home. Make your nursery comfortable and efficient with these essential nursery items.


  • Set up a comfortable crib – It’s important to set up a cozy sleeping space for your baby. You can even decorate it with a canopy for an elegant touch.



  • Rock your baby to sleep – Whether you are feeding or just cuddling your new baby, you will want a comfortable chair to sit in. A rocking chair with a seat cushion to match your nursery’s décor is a great way to set up a comfortable spot for both you and your new child to bond.


  • Hang decorations out of reach – Setting up an aesthetically pleasing space is also a good idea for your nursery so that you and the baby feel at ease and comfortable. However, make sure to hang any decorations well out of your baby’s reach so they don’t knock them down once they begin moving around on their own.



How to Babyproof Sliding Closet Doors

Sliding Barn Door


One of the trickiest places to childproof in your home is your closet, especially if it has sliding doors. However, you can childproof your closet doors with a sliding closet door lock. Keep your child safe from getting into the closet with you knowing. These lock are also great for keeping pets out of your closet!


How to install a sliding closet door lock:

  • Use an adhesive and place the adhesive on the edge of the door and on the closet door lock
  • You can also use it on mirrors or glass if your closet has a mirror attached



Miscellaneous Items for Your New Baby



Aside from the nursery, you will need a few more items for your new child. You may want the following baby essentials:


  • Washing station – When your baby is still an infant, you will need a small and safe space to bathe him or her. You will want a baby bath tub to keep your child clean or something to cradle your baby in the sink such as this adorable baby bath pillow.


  • Feeding materials – Your baby is going to eat, a lot. Whether you plan to breast feed or bottle feed, you will need some essential items like a pump or bottles to feed your baby.


  • Fireplace safeguard – If you have a fireplace, you can protect your child by setting up a fireplace gate. This can help prevent them from grabbing at things you don't want them putting in their mouth or holding onto like metal shovels or pokers.



Since your beautiful manufactured home has been built with strength and durability to last your family a lifetime, you can follow these tips to make sure it is a safe place for your new child to call home.


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