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How to Plant Peppers

Last month, we went over the ins and outs of tomatoes. We talked about how to grow tomatoes , some unique ways you can grow tomatoes and different types of tomatoes. This month, we will do the same with peppers.


Peppers are nature’s spice, adding some zest wherever it is needed. They are not hard to grow, so someone with little to no experience gardening can master them with ease. You can easily start a garden behind your manufactured home to grow delicious peppers!


Slicing Vegetables and Peppers in Kitchen


Peppers need little attention to grow. You could even just plant them and leave them and your yield wouldn’t be too bad, but with the tips we’ll give you, your peppers will be the best they can be.


What kind of soil is needed for peppers?

First, make sure you have a soil that drains well and contains organic matter.


What kind of spacing do peppers need?

Spacing differs for each plant, but a foot and a half of space will cover most pepper plants.


How long do peppers need to mature?

The time to mature differs greatly. Sweet peppers can take as little as 60 days to mature while hot peppers can take up to 150 days to mature, so make sure to check your specific pepper type. If you’re a newcomer to the pepper growing community, an easy variety to try out are bell peppers, as they mature very quickly.


How long does it take for peppers to sprout?

Depending on the variety, most of your seeds will sprout in 7 days if the temperature is 70-80 degrees. Hot peppers are harder to plant and don’t allow for as much error.


If you’d like to speed the process, you can place your seeds in between a wet paper towel in a plastic bag and leave them in a fairly warm location of your house. Once they sprout, plant each sprout carefully in an individual container.


Make sure you don’t transplant your peppers until temperatures outside don’t drop below 60 degrees. Some stores also sell peppers ready to be transplanted, although the variety can sometime be limited.


How much should you water pepper plants?

Peppers need plenty of water, but too much can waterlog the roots. It is imperative to use well-draining soil.


How much fertilizer do pepper plants need?

Peppers don’t need a lot of fertilizer, so a small amount will do. You also want to tie the plants to stakes and give some leeway so the stems aren’t choked or snapped. Peppers are worry-free from insects and diseases, but to be safe, you can put on an organic pesticide to eliminate common pests.


All that is left to do is water every so often. Once you harvest your crops, enjoy adding some spice and flavor to your meals. To help ensure good drainage for whatever variety of pepper you’re interested in, check out how to build a raised garden bed!


Bell Peppers and vegetables family dinner preparation


As the summer goes on, you will love enjoying your homegrown garden peppers in your beautiful manufactured or modular home kitchen!

Build a Raised Bed!



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